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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sh2angel, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. sh2angel

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    I just wanted to thank again all those that prayed for me while I went to surgery...The surgery went well and I am still recovering..still have to wear this darn neck brace when I am up but other then that I am doing hip has finally gotten to where it isn't bother me as much ...If you don't remember I had cervial spinal surgery..and they used bone from my hip for the I told you all before surgery I was having problems peeing in my pants well that has stopped and my neck doesn't hurt anymore...still have some problems with balance..just wanted to give you all an update I am 5 weeks post op...
  2. Jordane

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    Hi Sh2angel,

    Glad to hear that your surgery went well.Did they keep you in for awhile or send you home.

    I find they get you out of there as soon as possible.At least here in Canada.

    Glad it has helped with the peeing.My sister had that & she said that the peeing took over her body.Everything centered around that.

    Your balance should get better soon.If not, check it out.:>)

    Take Care!!
  3. sh2angel

    sh2angel New Member

    They kept me for 4 days...I sure don't like the hospital though ...they always have to wake you up when you are sleeping so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will help with the balance too..doc told me it takes up to a year to really now what all it helped...and I sure understand about your sis and the peeing problem taking over you whole life did mine I am not so afraid to go someplace...
  4. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    I had a brother-in-law who had the same surgery a couple of years ago; he's doing great and says the recovery period was well worth it since it decreased his pain and numbness significantly.

    I spent several weeks in the hospital last spring and summer, and I know just what you mean about the sleeping! Luckily, you didn't have to be there long, it's always nicer to recover at home.

    Hope you continue to get better each day!


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