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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by doxygirl, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    Most of you already know the story about how I have been exposed to mold in my workplace for the last THREE years!

    Well, not too long after I started working there.....I began having throat spasms while at a nut shell the more I was exposed to the mold the worse the spasms became.....until I was having them not only at work but now all the time!

    I made the connection to the mold and throat spasms when ....I was getting desperate for an answer and a cause of this happening....and started looking for answers on the internet.......when I put my symptoms in the web browser.........

    I noticed....... "MOLD" was a cause!( This was before I had confirmation of the mold in the building!!!!!!!!!!)

    Well......tonight I had the GRANDADDY of throat husband and I went out to dinner and when I started eating my salad my throat would NOT stop spasing!

    I was so scared..... it just wouldn't stop....I finally stood up and started walking out of mind.....I went to the bathroom of the restaurant and tried to relax....then I rushed outside ......

    all the while my son and husband sat helpless not knowing what to do to help husband came outside and his face was pale from worry and not knowing how to help me or what to do!

    Iam so concerned that this is permanant.....and one of these times it is not going to stop......I can get air through my throat but it is restricted and it is SCARY!

    If any of you have any knowledge of mold damage to the esophogus and know if it is irreversible or not please let me know!


  2. darude

    darude New Member

    Yes i had this when I first got sick and it scared me to death!!!! I couldn't even swallow water for days and felt like I was gonna choke to death. Thats when they started checking for MS.MG and ALS as this can be a muscle problem. I also have had mold exposure and will elaborate on that later as it's almost 3-00am and I should head for bed. See your doc ASP as this can be life threatening as I was told. they ran emergency tests on me. ttyl love Annie the Londoner
  3. froggyfog

    froggyfog New Member

    I used to have laryngal(sp)spasms...the doctor said mine was due to caffeine intake and stress.

    If this happens again you need to have someone call 911 immediatley.

    Don't go to the bathroom or somewhere where you could be all alone.

    My daugheter was going through a time when she was passing out....well at church one Sunday she left Sunday school to go to the bathroom she knew she wasn't feeling well but didn't tell anyone...she ended up passing out and hitting her head and didn't know how long she was out.....she was all alone in the bathroom....she was OK but the situation could of been a lot worse.
  4. MsE

    MsE New Member

    My sis has MS and has to deal with throat spasms on a regular basis. Usually it is when she is eating. This has caused her to limit her diet extravagantly.

    Not long ago, however, she had a miserable case of bronchitis and started coughing so hard her throat went into one of those spasms. This one really scared her more than any of the others. She said she kept telling hersself, "You are getting air; you are getting air" and gently massaging her throat. It settled down, but not before her face had turned a sort of blue shade.

    She said that of all the things she has to deal with regarding MS, having difficulty breathing and choking are the worst.

    My point? Make sure that it really is the mold that is doing the damage. If it is, move if you can't get rid of it. But check with your doc to be sure something else isn't going on.

    (Listen to me! :) And I just wrote on a post that I was through with doctors! A case of do as I say, not as I do, huh.)
  5. Mar19

    Mar19 New Member

    By throat spasms, do you mean that you're having difficulty swallowing? Pardon me if I sound stupid. Over the summer I went to a GI doc b/c I was "having trouble swallowing" sometimes. She ran me thru a ton of tests, but of course I was fine on all of those days and she told me that everything was normal.

    I've lost a good amount of weight b/c of not always being able to eat. Last night I was home by myself and eating a small snack and it happened again, but worse that it ever did before.

    The food was lodged, not quite in my throat yet and I started coughing like crazy. I finally dislodged the bit of food, but continued w/the coughing for quite some time. My throat, ribs, etc are still very sore today from it all.

    This has been getting worse again since I went to the GI over this past summer. I have a FM doc appointment coming up. I'll have to bring the matter up with him again.

  6. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Did you ever have an MRI done to check for MS? I seem to remember you having other symptoms as well that could point to it.


    Nancy B
  7. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    this happens randomly........and it is almost always when Iam eating I will take a bite of food and start swallowing it......and my throat just feels as though it is closing up!

    I feel like my ability to get air in and out of my throat area is very restricted and maybe even like the food I just tried to swallow is stuck....but more than anything it feels like my throat is closing up.......

    I am postive it is not allergies.....because I eat a lot of the same things and it is never consistent......

    I just am so worried that one of these times it is going to happen and I will not be able to breathe at all...........

    I hope this explains it better for you

  8. lbuchanan3

    lbuchanan3 New Member

    I had a problem like you are describing very severely a few years ago. My doctor sent me to a Gastroenterologist and he did an Endascope (sorry my spelling is not great tonight so I don't know if I spelled that right) any way it turned out that I had a small restriction in my esophagus which he stretched at the same time as the Endascope was in place. I still have the problem once in a while but nothing like it was before.

    I really suggest you make an appointment with the doctor, and or a Gastroenterologist as soon as possible,

    It may not be due to mold at all, he said mine was due to heartburn, which I used to have a lot but not so much in the past few years. He said the acid reflux could cause a small lesion in the esophagus that over time causes some strictures in the esophagus and that is what causes food to be trapped.

    It did not hurt much at all, they sedate you for the procedure and it is a bit uncomfortable but not too noticable and my throat was mildly sore for about 24 hours after.

    I used to get the food stuck spasms almost 3 times a week just prior to getting the procedure done, I have had only one or two occurences now in the past 2 years, so it was well worth it.

    Wish you well,
    Linda B
  9. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

  10. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Are you eating crumbly food at the time? Like cookies?

    That's a problem my friend with MS has, throat spasms and her throat closes up when she eats certain foods.

    One way to help her is with a large plastic straw, like the kind that come with the huge plastic summer cups. If it's horrible, someone has to stick this down her throat so she can get air.

    Don't mean to be an alarmist, just trying to help you figure it out...


    Nancy B
  11. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member

    Allergic responses can cause the tissues of the throat to fill up with fluid you get restriction which can lead to anaphylaxis. I have a cousin who has to stay away from salad bars because of sulfites which can do this to him. I have it happen if I'm exposed to paint or other solvents and carry an EpiPen (containing epinephrine).

    Eating foods high in phosphorus like nuts, chicken breast, etc can cause the throat to feel like it's constricted (like when you eat a peanut butter sandwich and it gets "stuck" in your throat). I have to eat these foods very slowly with lots of liquid.

    I also have a genetic muscle disease which causes skeletal muscles to overfire, and on the of the muscle groups affected is in the esophagus (the upper part is skeletal muscle). Those of us with this condition often have spasms which can cause choking or a restricted feeling. The quickest way I know to relax that spasm is to take magnesium citrate powder in can also get magnesium carbonate powder (very cheap) and put it into a citrus drink like orange juice. It works very quickly in that form and you can feel the muscles of the throat relax.

    It's important to determine which type of constriction you have. There is a condition called globus hystericus which is a constriction/lump in the throat caused by fear or anxiety. This can become like panic attacks in that anticipating it can actually cause it to happen because of the adrenaline released. There are physiological reasons for all of these and they are all very treatable.

    You can also get a tailored barium swallow test to determine if you have a swallowing problem related to a neurological disorder - speech pathologists can help with therapy for something like this.

  12. terrilynnb

    terrilynnb New Member

    I know you said it happens when you aet different things and sometimes you can eat the same things and nothing happens, so you conclude is it not allergies. I am just wondering if you have develooped chemical sensitivities form the mold issue and if so, if it is the pesticide in different foods, produce ofr example, or even if they had treated the restaurant with something. Also, if your sald had basalmic vinegar, some bvs have sulphides as preservatives-like red wine does. Just a thought but you probably should get a prescription for an epipen just incase it happens quicker next time.
  13. Gitta2Fibro

    Gitta2Fibro New Member

    Hi Doxy,
    I am new here as I was brousing through I saw your letter.
    A few years back (hope this is good news to you !)
    I wantwed to empty a duckpond for my pet ducks.I used a garden hose to get it going by sucking on the other en of the hose. After only getting a little pondwater in my month my throat constricted so bad I could not breath.I was alone at home and thought this was it.But stil I made a dash to te hous to get to a phone. During running my throat started to relak and I was fine.
    The next time I ate a piece of ryebread and it happened again.This time I forced water down as good as I could and I came out of it turning purple.
    I took some of the pondwater and a peace of thar bread to my
    doc.It turned out both samples had mold in them.Yup,I know,
    the bread.the rye in it was very moldy with the same type of mold.
    Thats what we get in the grocery store!!
    I hope this helps, yes whith a bigger load of this stuff
    I could have chocked to death.This is my opinion.
    It is awful when your breath is taken away!
    Good luck , Gitta
  14. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    Blkcat, wakemeup, and everyone else who posted here to me!

    All of your posts are valuable and important to me and I appreciate each one of them!

    I have mentioned these spasms to my Dr and he just acts like it is not that important........Iam going to take PVLady's advice and find another Dr................and take the Dr I have and put him in my "imaginary trash bucket of bad D's"! LOL

    There is one thing I have learned for sure having dd....and that is to run not walk from DR's who don't perform!

    There are just too many of them out there in fact they are a "dime a dozen" that is exactly why I wanted to have a "bad Dr" post going on here......

    Maybe if all of us fight back by posting out negative experiences and the Dr's names it will save a lot of others from wasting their valuable time from going to them!

    Thanks again for everyones posts.......I will let you all know when I find out what is causing these!

  15. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    I've suffered from terrible spasms including esophageal and throat spasm plus spasms throughout my whole body for many, many years. For me it's just the fibromyalgia. My nutritionalist told me to take a vitamin E softgel or two and put it in my mouth and bite down on it and let the Vitamin E oil slide down my throat and esophagus and then spit out the empty softgels. I also take magnesium and malic acid and that reduces my spasms too.

    I was exposed to mold about ten years ago from a leaking chimney wall and started having severe breathing problems and chest spasms at that time too.

    Love, Jasmine

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