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    Still trying to deal with feelings of horror and shock after the Boston marathon bombings. Feeling heartsick I went to a favorite site, ''.

    The website title sounds incongruous at best, but it's a virtual place filled with compassion. International, inter-religious, focusing on strengthening, and healing..... souls, hearts, communities; I've gone there many times when grieving, to light a candle.

    Today I saw an announcement encouraging people to light a candle for prayer for all wounded in this tragedy, and I know we are all wounded by this terrible violence.

    I just read through the writings - messages placed next to each candle, for the victims, for their families, for our country, even saw one for the perpetrators that they might turn away from evil.

    "rejoice with those who rejoice, and mourn with those who mourn". This has been an important message from the bible for me for many years.

    Sitting here alone, late at night, finding a place where people from all over the world were grieving, gave me a community to mourn with.

    (scroll down the left side, and click on 'Light a candle' to read prayers and thoughts, and add your own, if you so please.)

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    yes, what a prayer, for perpetrators that they may turn away frm
    evil. ive been praying for compassion to fill president assads
    heart too so he stops killing his own people. the world does
    need healing.

    i lit incense and prayed for the victims when i heard. daughter
    sent an sms saying she/friends were fine and not to worry.

    God Bless

  3. windblade

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    I am so deeply relieved to hear from you! I've been worrying about your daughter, and anxious because you hadn't posted.

    So thankful that your daughter is safe, and her friends!

    Yes, so grieving for all wounded. They will need loving prayers for a long time, and all family members. I think we're all in shock still.

    That was so beautiful for you to light incense and pray.

    Now I can rest a little bit more knowing your daughter is safe.

    God bless, dear friend,