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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by stschn, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. stschn

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    I have been off the hellish drug 1 day short of 4 months. I just saw Dr. Montoya on 6/11/08. He and I are very happy with my recovery thus far. My viral titers are now in a range that he feels comfortable with and my biggest concern-that I would hear him say I should go back on Valcyte-just didn't happen. I'm still tired from the trip but I am reading so much that is negative about Valcyte and the trial that I felt I had to weigh in as I am feeling very positive about my situation. I think that I am able to feel this way because I don't have the need for instant results. Would I like that sure let's take the drug go through hell for 6 months and then go back to a full and healthy life. A little unrealistic I think. I love Dr.M's analogy. I'm a vase ( I prefer a crystal vaase) that was shattered and the Valcyte was the glue that put me back together. However the glue will take a long time to dry-in my case probable a year-and if the vase is move to much it will shatter again. I'm feeling better most days and am clearly better in the mental department I do believe that for me Valcyte was more than I right thing to do.
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    Congrats on your progress! I truly hope your improvement continues. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  3. ladybugmandy

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    i hope montoya is planning to valtrex as maintenance.
  4. deserella

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    I love that analogy as well! I hope the best for you in your healing process and may you get better!!! Thanks for sharing your progress.

  5. sascha

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    isn't Dr. Montoya great? i love seeing him.

    a crystal vase- beautiful image. i've been off the valcyte just over a week and am so weak and drained - the least activity does me in completely. i FINALLY went and had my hair cut properly (i'd been doing it myself for months and months, and it looked it). after the appointment i came home and slept for 5 hours. i'm as weak as a new-born kitten.

    that your viral titers went down is a conclusive positive sign. mine went down, too, so in spite of feeling all in and wasted, what i must do is be very very patient and not expect huge comeback right away. take it easy, do small things as i can manage them, rest as much as i seem to need to, and hope for the best. eventually we will know what is what.

    i'm so glad you got good news on the titer front. it's a great comfort, isn't it, knowing SOMETHING HAPPENED!!?!!
    best from Sascha
  6. stschn

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    I just didn't know he was a poet. I am on Valtrex and am also makeing an appointment with the Pacific Fatique Lab so that someone more qualified than I will be able to help me determind how much I can move the vase. Again it's a 2/12 or 3 hour trip from out home but in that Dr.M. thinks it's a good thing to do I'll do it and will keep you posted on what happends there. As always thanks for your feed back and your support it means a lot. Joyce

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