After You Quit Smoking The First Two Days

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    After You Quit Smoking - The First Two Days
    Your Guide to Smoking Cessation.

    At 20 minutes after quitting:

    blood pressure decreases
    pulse rate drops
    body temperature of hands and feet increases.

    At 8 hours:

    carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal
    oxygen level in blood increases to normal

    At 24 hours:
    chance of a heart attack decreases

    At 48 hours:

    nerve endings start regrowing
    ability to smell and taste improve


    It takes courage to put down that last cigarette. Most people feel an intense combination of fear and excitement leading up to their quit date. Being afraid to quit smoking is completely normal, and is a byproduct of addiction.
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    I sent a copy of this to my hubby who's contemplating a quit date too. (He's ordered his NicoCure patches last night, again)

    He thinks I'm some sort of superhuman for quitting while we have so much going on in our lives. I tried to explain that you're really no longer addicted once you get the stuff out of your system

    Nice post!

    Nancy B.
  3. darude

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    I was interested in the part that said Nerves regrow????

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