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    Or anyone else who participated in the Georgetown Study for CFS.

    I have not heard from Dr.Ravindran. I did email him last week.

    I don't want to email him again if this is typical.

    How long did it take you to schedule when you went to Georgetown.

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  3. gapsych

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    It might take him awhile to respond depending on how busy they are. I think it took him a couple of weeks to answer me via e-mail. Don't be afraid to call - they are very nice there.

    I did just get a call from Dr Ravindran last Sat checking on how I was doing, but missed it because I wasn't home. If you call, he'll probably call you back pretty quickly. The phone # he left for me was 240-491-7667.

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    He gets busy at times--he's not ignoring you...

    Just call/e-mail again if you don't here from him.
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    Thanks so much. I kind of thought the reason would be that he is pretty busy. I just did not have a sense if this was typical.

    Now I know!! Thanks!! I have not called him before but may do that next week.

    Take care.
  7. gapsych

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    do you remember if we are sposed to send the application thing by email or snail mail, can we do either? i printed it out, i think i would rather risk one copy in the wrong hands than all my personal info in cyberspace although i know it is anyway.
    I havent made my final decision yet whether to apply.

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