Again and again, Bless All of you who Labor!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bambi, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Bambi

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    I am constantly impressed and amazed by those of you who hold down jobs! I cannot
    even imagine being able to. My daughter works an 8 to 10 hour shift over night 5 nights and I know what it's doing to her.
    I try so hard to keep my symptoms under
    control, but with the best of efforts I am still in severe pain so much of the time. My doctor will be adjusting my meds
    in a week and it's past due. Even then I have to make a job of resting, meditating, praying, laughing, enjoying my pets, keeping an even keel with my husband who doesn't feel great himself and keeping "hope" of better days ahead. I love and honor each and every one of you who like my daughter find a way to do
    what you feel you either must or in some
    cases want to do to keep working. You are
    true beacons of heroes to me, angels of
    perserverance! You could probably just stop and collect Disability (I don't qualify as I was always "just" a housewife and mother) but you are keeping
    on as long as you can. Two thumbs up to you! I don't knock anyone who just can't
    work, I KNOW I can't, I wish I could..and
    I'm no sissie..I don't think any of us are. But I do feel a special respect for
    those who take the best care they can of
    their illnesses and still find the strength to go out into the work world every day. Bless you and bless us all!
    ((((HUGS!)))) Bambi
  2. catgal

    catgal New Member

    "Thank You" Bambi for such loving, encouraging words! I am at work right now and tuned into the Board during my lunch break to see how people were doing and read your heartwarming post. It gave me inspiration on a difficult day!

    I am 53 and was diagnosed with FM/CFS at the age of 14. I went to college, graduate school, and worked full time until 1993 when I was forced by the FM/CFS and arthritis to quit a good job, and go to work three days a week for much less money, significant change in lifestyle, and NO benefits. I have worked in the same, part-time job now for 10 years, but in order to get all the work done which is required in my position--I have to cram 5 days work into 3 in order to keep this position "part-time" or they will turn it into a full time position, and thus, I would lose my job and income.

    And, it gets hard....very hard, but I am my sole financial support and must keep going even though I have FM/CFS, osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis, severe asthma/allergies, IBS, and degenerative disc disease. There are many, many days that I drag this weary, painful body to work and wonder how I will make it through the day. But, I find that helping others takes my mind off my ailments and enables me to have a sense of contribution and accomplishment.

    This week has been especially difficult as I have been suffering from post-holiday FM, CFS, and back flares, and returned to work after the holidays to discover that I had been kicked out of my office of 10 years and have been having to pack, lift, and move an accumulation of 10 years of office stuff to another office a good distance from my old office. And, I sat down at noon today amidst all the clutter & mess of moving and felt so tired, in pain, and miserable--and then I read your post, and it perked me back up again.

    "Thank You" so much for your kind, encouraging words. What a wonderful post to write for those of us still in the trenches. You made my day! Blessings to You, Carol...
  3. angelheart

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    Hey Bambi-

    That's me your speaking of. I am sitting here at work now after taking a 20 minute nap on the floor in one of the bathroom stalls (second nap of the day). Today is particularly hard for some reason. Just alot of symptoms at once I guess. The new year has brought me to thinking of a better way to deal with this DD. But nothing feels right, so for now I am continuing the best I can and I pray daily about it. Your message made me feel better and I just wanted to say thanks. Because for me just holding myself up has been work!
  4. nitalynn

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    I'm in retail. we're getting ready for inventory. It's not to bad cause the store is practically empty. I was saying today I'll be glad when it's over cause then we'll get more merchandise in and there'll be more to do. It's boring now and I'm constantly trying to find something to do. Thanks again.
  5. sheri

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    I sure can identify with catgal-we have the same things, from spinal stenosis, the whole gamit...I managed to stay on my feet and work (in fact opened my business at age 52, but finally, had to go on disability...I find it hard to not work, mentally, that is. I understand that many have to and I did make more money when I could work, but had to give it up...blessings to you all, sheri
  6. tandy

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    Anyone who feels this amount of pain daily-and still holds down a job,Is a goddess/stud!!!for real people....I had to quit my job for this DD and for all of you's still managing to peg away at a job...A big thumbs up"
    You've earned my respect~
  7. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    and thrilled if it helped brighten
    your days a little! I meant every word and now "I" feel good that I was able to spread a little sunshine into
    your hard working lives! Be good to
    yourselves. The rest of us I'm sure
    will be cheering you on and hoping for the day when we may all get back
    to some of our once upon a time different lives! Hugs, Bambi