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    Hello everybody,

    I am new to this.
    My name is Anita, I am 32 and just got diagnosed with FM.
    Finally, after at least 20!! years of suffering. Without knowing what my health problem was I have tried going low on carbs. It really helps with a lot of problems.
    I just don't like the Atkins Diet. I am a nurse and I have to say this diet seems a bit unhealthy. I have read all the books and was on it for about 2 weeks. All the stuff you can buy at the healthfood store (low carb) really tastes good but it got so much unhealthy substitutions in it. I have read much about the south beach diet now and I have to say - it is not the same as Atkins!!!! It got more carbs yet still lower than a normal diet and it is lower on fat then the Atkins. It seems VERY! healthy and well balanced. I am just afraid it won't work for FM because it IS higher in carbs. I don't need to loose weight, just need to feel better.
    I would appreciate ANY input about that subject.
    Thanks a lot!!
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    I have FM and was recently dx with diabetes. My nutritionist was very open to the South Beach Diet. She said she had no problem if I followed it as long as I did not go into ketosis which she feels is very dangerous for anyone - her opinion. Of course, I live very close to South Beach itself and have a couple of friends who have actually gone to the dr who wrote the book and swear by him and the diet. Like all things, it has to be a life style not a diet. Good luck!!

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    I'm doing South Beach now and really likeit. I did Atkins for 7 weeks and I was in so much pain. I was working out and noticed my muscle recovery was getting longer and longer and more painful each time. The ony thing I had changed in my life was doing Atkins. I've stopped now for 5 weeks and am feeling so much better. My endo said someone with CFS and adrenal problems shouldn't do Atkins because it raises your adrenalin and cortisol which my body is doing anyways from the hyper adrenal problem I have. I couldn't walk for three days after one of my workouts and it took another two weeks after that for my muscles to heal. Before Atkins it would take 1-2 days for my muscles to heal. Now I stay away from sugar and flour and eat lots of veggies, fruit, lean meats and whole grains like oatmeal. I stay away from bread, rice and pasta and I feel better. I would definitely try South Beach or Protein Power (another great one) over Atkins. Also, my resting heart rate went from 65 (before Atkins) to 95 while on Atkins. My blood pressure shot up and I was getting heart palpitations. After a few days of South Beach my b/p and pulse went down and the palpitations stopped. I tracked everything I ate and took the appropriate supplements and there were no vitamin/mineral deficiencies sp? to explain my slow muscle recovery and tremendous pain. Atkins works great for some people but for me it made me so much worse. My endo said Atkins is too much for someone with my medical problems (hypothyroid, hyper adrenals and CFS). He was very much for South Beach and Protein Power though.
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    The Somersize way of eating is probably healthier than either of these other two diets. Her books are loaded with healthy and tasty recipes. Check it out.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks a lot for all of your input. It is so amazing to me that I have all by myselfbeen with these problems and all for a sudden I can talk to so many people about that.
    Thanks a lot!!
    Dan, I would love to get more info about what you've said. What do you need to know? Let me know please.
    By the way , I am German, moved to the beautiful USA last year, so if I write a few things wrong....people please forgive me.