Again, spinal stenosis

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    I tried to get on board to answer all of your replies and thank you for them.

    Something was acting up and it said it could not find this website.

    Mine is from the tailbone up to L6k. It also makes my hips hurt. Yesterday was a hideous day!! I was constipated and any exertion made all of the muscles in my bottom area hurt , hurt, hurt. Then I did a supository and oh, my legs were pulled up and I thought I couldn't stand the pain rest of the day. For the very first time I had time sleeping. Either side hurt to sleep ion and I ended up on my back whhich also hurt.

    Again my PCP told hubby I couldn't have any stronger RX Than Tylenlol#3 wit h codiene ior Tramadiol. He said I couldn't drive with the others so------here I am!

    no one realizes how much pain it is when it is with FMS! Awfrul!!

    I am the one that needs the spellcheck!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you dear friends and good luck to you.

    Gentle Hugs,

  2. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    wow sorry to hear such a a hard time for you. Is the doc current with mri's etc to make sure whats really going on?
    I am a little confused why he talks to your husband and not you about your medication approach, like is he from the 1950s?

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