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    Hi there
    first let me just say how grateful I am for all your post, kind words and possible life saving info. thank you
    My doc's appointment is thursday. I'm worried that my doctor won't give me enough oxy to cover the pain. right now I need like 3 to 4 vicodins and a couple of soma's a day to make it through without the pain. And would if I need BREAK THROUGH PAIN MEDS!!....I don't mean to keep harping on the subject but I'm so upset and scared of all this. meaning meds, but more scared of pain. its like being between a rock in a hard place. I miss the days when I use to run to relieve stress. I use to lift wieghts with my husband. I wasn't a hulk just toned. I worked at bodyworks and did aroebics. now I'm skinny and feel like melted jello LOL. and I'm afraid to even touch a vacuum cleaner. (FLARE) but then again vacuums always kind of scared me lol.
    God Bless you all, what a group of wonderful people.
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    I pay every time I vacuum!! It takes me two days to get over vacumming the house....Of course i'd rather be chasing it than it chasing me!!! Ha!!! I to use to lift weights and it was a when I look under the bed and see my hand weights I just push 'em back for now... (sigh) Pammy
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    I had to laugh at your post! I am afraid of my vacuum cleaner too- I even keep her covered up with a big granny doll cover-looks like a real person! I'll use a little push broom maybe but my hubby does all the carpeting in the house. Have you tried neurontin(gabatri) which I found on this website is newer out and recommended for fms pain? Also, before I got it-I tried dif. drs and I said- Are you afraid of prescribing narcotic pain rx's because if you are you are not the dr. for me-I have been dealing with alot of pain for over ten years-I would never sell my meds. or become an addict- I am a mother and a housewife and I can't function w/o these pain meds-He said he had other fibro pts and was not afraid of prescribing me what I needed. And he isn't a quack either. Anyhow, the rx's just sit in the drawer since I asked him to put me on neurontin it really works. Hope you have success-remember the dr works for you-if he stops doing that-get another.
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    Lisa...I missed your other post, or my brain just isn't working today--nothing new.
    You said you were taking 3-4 Vicodin and a few Soma to make it through the day without pain.
    If that is getting you thru the day without pain, why are you wanting to go to Oxy?

    Just trying to understand....LL

    PS. What is a vacumn cleaner?
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    much less "impaired" while taking my routine Oxycontin twice daily than I was when I, too, was living on Soma and Vicodin. I felt drugged then; I DO NOT now and my pain is relieved. I pray he'll change your meds for you!
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    Ohhh Ok Kady---I wasnt understanding....duh...

    I am just so drug resistant nothing makes me groggy or tired, and I forget that it has that effect on some.

    I get it now ;-)

    Hope you are doing good,
  7. NewEnglander

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    Also its better on the oxy then the vicodin because the oxy is pure while the vicodin is more aspirin. oxy is better on the liver and I guess kidneys as well. just hope it doesn't make me too tired or too wired.
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    Hi Lisa~~if your doc is willing to start you on oxy, he may well start you on the lowest dose--10mg 2x's a day first to see if that works or where you need to go from there. The manufacturers of oxy say that it lasts up to 12 hours, and that is why it is generally prescribed 2x's a day. However, when I started on it two years ago--10mgs 2x's a day--the first thing I discovered and told my physician on my very next visit was that it only lasted 8 hours--not 12 and thus I wasn't getting coverage through the night. So, he put me on 10mgs 3x's a day. I also took Soma and .5mg at night before bedtime.

    I noticed I did okay on the oxy 3x's a day as long as I wasn't too physical, didn't ride in a car very long, and didn't do any housework. This wasn't realistic. So, at the following month's appointment with my doctor, I told him I was getting breakthrough pain at work, whenever I did housework, rode in a car very long, or did anything really physical. So, then he gave me 5mg percocet 2x's a day for breakthrough pain.

    Later on down the line, I told him the 5mg percocet was not effective, so he gave me 10mg percocet 3x's a day. The 10mg percocet really made a difference especially since it is a quick release pain reliever and the oxy is a slow, timed-release. The 10mg percocets gave me immediate relief when I got breakthrough pain.

    An important note here is that he did not put me on this narcotic pain management for the FM although I originally went to him for help with the FM. He gave me Ultram for the FM. However, I began having so much pain in my back that it got to the point I couldn't function or work, and I knew something else had to be wrong. So, I got an MRI, and I had advanced degenerative disc disease with 3 discs completely degenerated, a shattered vertebrae, a herniated disc, bulging disc, and several other things wrong with my back plus having osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. All this was evident on the MRI, radiologist summary, and x-rays. After trying various traditional and alternative approaches to dealing with the pain, my physician suggested I start on narcotic pain management and started me on the oxy, soma, klonopin, and bextra (an anti-inflammatory). So, he didn't give me these meds for the FM, and I don't believe my physician would have. But, he could tell by my MRI, radiologist summary, and x-rays the kind of pain generated by these back problems, so he knew I was suffering, had tried other approaches to dealing with the pain with no success, and he was the one who suggested I start on the narcotic pain management. As far as the FM--he has never mentioned it. But, the narcotic pain meds relieve my back pain, arthritis pain, and FM pain.

    After being on the 10mg oxy 3x's a day for 2 years, my back problems progressed, and the oxy dosage I was on was no longer effective. I discussed this with him, and he raised the oxy to 20mgs 2x's a day. Again I was not getting full coverage because they only last 8 hours on me, so I told him this at my next month's appointment, and he increased it to 3x's a day. I still take the 10mg percocet 3x's a day for breakthrough pain along with the soma, klonopin, and bextra.

    My doctor asked me if I would see a Pain Specialist just for a consultation for backup documentation in my chart. I did, and the Pain Specialist not only agreed with my meds, but wondered if they were sufficient since he discovered I also had nerve damage when he examined me. I said I thought they were sufficient as we had just raised the oxy from 10 to 20mgs. The Pain Specialist said okay, but went ahead and increased the soma to 2x's a day, and the klonopin to 1mg, and the bextra from 10mgs to 20mgs a day.

    If your physician puts you on oxy--try what he gives you for a month, and then tell him how you are doing at your next appointment--if you need to increase the dosage and number of times you take it a day--such as from 2x's to 3x's a day. I wouldn't ask for breakthrough pain meds until you've tried the oxy for a month or so because until you try the oxy for a while--you won't know if you have breakthrough pain or not. If you ask for both at the very beginning--he may suspect you as a drug seeker trying to get all you can get at once. He'll probably want to see how you do on the oxy dosage he gives you first before "assuming" you're going to have breakthrough pain.

    It took me 10 days in the beginning for my body to get adjusted to the oxy and to get a continuous level of it in my system. The first 10 days, I felt sleepy and got bad headaches with it. Then, on the 10th day--all that went away. And, I haven't had any bad side affects with it since. The oxy plus the 10mg percocet have really worked well on my pain, but I still occasionally have some bad days because I've overdone it.

    Do you have insurance that helps pay for your scripts? I don't--all my medical expenses come out of my pocket, and the oxy can get expensive the higher dosage you go and the more times you take it during the day. For instance, right now I take 20mgs oxy 3x's a day--that's 90 20mg tablets a month, and it costs me $206.95 every month. Plus, you have to have a handwritten script for it every month. There is no generic for oxycontin. But it is pure oxycodone--no tylenol or aspirin or anything else in it, and therefore it is easy on the liver & kidneys. The 10mg percocet has 325mgs of tylenol in it.

    It took a while to come up with the right combination & dosage of oxy, percocet, soma, klonopin, and bextra that work well together for me. So, be patient while you go through some trial and error to find the right dosages and combinations.

    The oxy gave me my life back, enabled me to function, and to continue working without having to take so many pills every four hours, etc. However, I have found that my body has developed a real physical dependency on both the oxy and percocet--especially the oxy. I never did get any high or rush from the oxy or percocet even the first time I took them. But, you really have to take them as prescribed and make them last the month or you will run out before the end of the month--and the withdrawals are immediate and horrendous. Oxy is very difficult to withdraw from should you ever decide to get off of it. You have to weigh the benefits with the risks. For me--it has been worth it because it works so well, and I am able to function at a pretty decent level even with all my back problems progressing. To be basically pain free has been a Miracle for me after suffering decades with just the FM pain.

    Don't be afraid--just be honest with your doc and tell it like it is. Remember the 3 MAJOR, Magic words--(1) Frequency of your pain; (2) Severity of your pain, and (3) Duration of your pain. If you've kept a pain diary that would be good to take with you--especially if your pain complaint is only FM--something he can't see "evidence" of nor find on a test or x-ray. He has only your symptoms to justify putting you on this type of narcotic pain management. When I was going to my physician just for the FM pain--all he would give me was Ultram. But once the back pain & back problems were validated with "evidence" from the MRI, radiologist summary, and x-rays he had to put in my chart and backup the narcotic pain management with--he was more than willing to prescribe these meds for me.

    I hope your appointment goes well for you Thursday, and that you get the pain relief you need and deserve. What a difference it makes in the quality of your life. Let us know how it goes. Blessings to you, Carol...
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    Can you please explain what is breakthrough pain exactly? You said you take a med 3 times a day for breakthrough pain, but I thought it meant pain you only get once in awhile that's worse than normal? Sorry to sound dumb...
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    Hi there
    what I think break through pain is when you have already taken your pain meds and the pain still breaks through.

    thank you Carol for your long and informative post. I know the energy and thought that went into it. I take notes

    God Bless all of you and thanks for all of yur post.
    Love Lisa

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