again with the NewEnglander lol

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    Hi again
    just wanted to complain. I have been so sick lately I lost like 7 pound in a week and I'm feeling weak. too much meds and pain.
    anyway my husband was out raking the yard (he can't wait for a lawn) and I had decided to go out for some fresh air.
    My father stopped by and saw me sitting outside, he called me a queen and told me I should be out there helping my husband rake the yard. harped at me because he called and I didn't answer the phone. I have to answer the phone in case my parents call because there not well. there in there eary 80's, he yelled what if there was an emergency. I didn't here the phone. those people do more then me. Bless my mother's little heart. there very active. then he said he just likes to piss me off. what the heck kind of talk is that. I'm 42 not a kid anymore. I have not been disrespectful since I was a teenager. I'm very soft spoken and sometimes like to tease people, that's about it, I'm not mean spirited, just like to make people laugh. so I really deserve respect. I never wouldn't tease him. my mother saids its because I'm so small he thinks of me as a kid. yeah, well kids deserve respect to. I just moved down the street from them in december. what have I done. Its like everybody loves Raymond but without the lasagna. (husbands name is Raymond )..I'm a Christian and know I have to honor him, but man oh man! God give me strengh please..
    usually when I vent I feel better, not this time. I'm so angry. I'm so nice to the guy. wicked nice. he won't even let me drive his car cause I'm a woman. okay I'll stop..couldn't reach my sisters today so your hearing it.
    I'm sorry
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    doesn't mean I am a doormat! If you have moved that close to them, setting some boudaries is in order. It won't make him too happy, but he'll get over it. You can honor him but, still protect and stick up for yourself. And then there are the times you need to let it roll off your back. Discerning between the two, only you can do. Do I make sense?
    Sorry, for all you do and after all these years you get treated this way. Will be praying.