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    One thing that seems to get in the way of sharing information with one another seems to be age. I would like to share and get some feedback on this. Since, I have been around these chat rooms and message boards, it seems that people are getting diagnosed at a much earlier age. I believe early diagnosis can help in some ways and in others can create a psychological impact. What I would really like to share is although some of us are older that does not mean the onset of this disease came later, in my case what came later was the diagnosis but the onset was in my teens at least. Also, it has been my experience that the severity of the symptoms increase over the years, this may be due to the illness itself or the fact that we were diagnosed later and didn't start taking care of what we had earlier. My point is not to get into specifics, but to come to a common ground that we accept each others truths. It is possible that if diagnosed younger, I would have not pushed my body so hard and I may be treating my illness in a different manner. I also need to accept the fact that the younger people may be having more success with alternate methods than I have simply because their disease has not advanced untreated at all as mine has. Just wishing a little more, hurray for you and hurray for me, and understanding that we have much to offer each other from out differing perspectives. I know I sometimes envy those that are diagnosed young, because maybe they will start making changes to keep this from ever getting to my point. At the same time, I can feel happy that I didn't know, because I don't know if I would have really done anything differently. Well, I digress,lol. Just hoping that with mutual respect we can bring alot to the table, while understanding that we are at the beginning of recognozing a syndrome and we have much to share and our experiences will be varied, due to the medical field finally having the courage to diagnose this terrible disease at all, let alone in the early stages. Love you all, and hoping my old bones may be able to help pave the way for those of you that are having to come face to face with this at an earlier age.
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    i am one of the older ones. no one had a clue when i first got sick 23 years ago. i am so glad that people now are given advice and help. and i am sure i would not have ended up using a wheelchair and being 95% housebound if i had any idea of the consequences of not resting, not looking after myself.
    well i try not to mind what can't be changed but i understand i think that it is different for us old ones who pushed too far because we didn't know any better. sometimes i have used myself as a warning to younger recently diagnosed people. i figurei do at least make a very good example of what not to do.LOL !
    but i still believe there is value in supplements and alternatives to help.
    what i find hardest just now is coping with the sheer length of time in my life i have now spent being sick an disabled.
    its not that i've given up my hope of getting better, as it is getting harder even to remember what it felt like to be well. Especially walking. it scares me a little that now the wheelchair feels normal !
    but my heart is still fixed that i will walk outside for more than just a couple of yards, and i won't let go of my goal.
    I have CFS and FMS by the way.

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    I think your're right! My symptoms seem to be getting worse and the flareups seem to last longer. I've been diagnosed with fms and ankylosing spondylitis about nine years ago and I'm finding it alot more difficult to come back from these flareups. I hope you're feeling better soon.

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    Sometimes I get the feeling that we are almost ageless on these boards. More like we are all the same with the pain, and all the other symptoms we have, no one seems to make an issue about age like in the 'real' world.

    I did get diagnosed when I was young, but no one knew what to do with Fibro anyway. They called it 'Fibrositis', they changed it later to Fibromyalgia as they found we didn't have any inflamation in the muscles.

    I had pneumonia, after that it started with back pain that just keep getting worst as the years went by.

    I had always been into alternative medicine, so had been taking supplements, vitamins, herbs and anything else I would read/hear that would help whatever was bothering me at the time.

    I also went to a great doctor, but he died and I have not found one since who will even listen to me much less believe me!

    I would not have listened if I was told not to live like I did, I would have did the same things I did do. I have a very hardhead!

    I really faced up to my limitations about 6 years ago, have had this for twenty years now. It was getting worst with the pain, then the spasms started, the spasms is what really made me wake up and smell the roses! there was no way of pushing myself when you have a spasm in your back.

    I don't know that the medical profession is any smarter now about these illnesses then they were years ago, just different drugs, exercise, whirlpool, but no definite cure, treatment, or cause plus so many doctors don't even believe this is for 'real'.

    As for advice, we can tell the younger just diagnosed to take it easy and not to over do themselves, but imagine yourself with young children and a young husband, a job, doing this? I know, I had three young children when I was diagnosed. I just had to live my life and do what needed doing.

    We can only do the best we can for the younger ones, I do feel so bad when they say how young they are with these illnesses. I just pray the find a cure soon.

    Pinkquartz; You have a great attitude, I sure hope you get some relief soon. I am home more than anything these days too.
    Just too much effort to dress and go anywhere most of the time. Then I do get tired easy when I am out.

    Take care ladies, and have a goodevening!

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Hi, I am 50 and I do feel that I am getting worse. Definitely more stiffness in the muscles. I used to take yoga and be fairly limber, but no more. I feel like I'm 90.

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    I am 26 and have been diagnosed with this DD for over three years. You are correct in saying if affects you no matter what age. My only issue is where I live there are no FM'ers my age and as you know people have a hard time believing we are sick because we look fine..I struggle everyday not to let people get me down and make me question my belief in this illness. I caught mysle today defending all of us suffering with FM when a co-worker mispronounced the name and then said yeah uh that's it. Well, this dd disease deserves respect as it is associated with each of us and we are human beings with feelings!!!!!!!! She said I was a hyperchrondriac because I was always on this web page..She has nooooo clue!!!!!

    I am glad to have you all as my Fybro Friends and would be clueless without you all! Thank You and God Bless you all.

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    I have just progressivly gotten worse, seems like the harder I try the worse I get. It is becoming much harder to battle. I was driving back home today and realized I will be here 10 yrs. In 10 yrs I would have accomplished and done so much. Now I look in my journel and realize I have hardly had any life these past 10yrs. They are just gone can not get them back. Don`t know why it just hit me on the way back,but it is oh so true, it seems like I am just watching the whole world pass me by especially since I live in a tourist community and so many are living life,real life not all drs.,meds,getting excited about being able to take a shower. I guess I am just tired. I am an advocate so I won`t give up. I will really be po`ed once they finally get all this all staightened out and I will be too old to appreciate it. Just will have to be happy for the younger generation,that is what I am fighting for now I truly ,in my brain,what is left,do not see a cure. (Heck they still don`t know how to cure a cold.) I mean in my lifetime, yet my denial part beieves there is hope or I would`nt keep fighting.
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    I got diagnosed 15 years ago when I was thirty. I was in denial a long time as far as just trying to be supermom and do all the things I used to do. It was pure adrenaline keeping me going. I finally crashed and couldn`t keep up with all those things anymore. My Fm has gotten much worse the older a get. So I would say, pace your self you young ones. Its going to be a long race. Don`t overdo it and just take very good care of yourselves.
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    I started with the pain in my 20's.(I'm 53 now). It hurts me so much to see these KIDS in their teens! come on here and ask for advice...
    Well? I worked at a very physically demanding job until I was 28. I raised 3 Great kids! I car-pooled, was active at their schools, and Home-Schooled my Last from 6th grade til he was a Jr. and then I was just too tired, and he took over. He is ADHD and Learning Disabled.
    I digress...FM- I also have CFS and Chronic Myofascial Pain. I hate to say this, because of the "young ones", but even though the EXPERTS say FM is not progressive, well, Yes, it does get worse as I get older. I didn't hurt like this in my 30's!
    I wouldn't have done anything different. I enjoyed my life.
    BUT if I HAD been told: FM is REAL...slow down, don't injure your muscles like that! Let a stronger person carry that! Well, Then I might have listened...but 20 years ago no one knew anything!
    SO, YOUNG ONES!!! Read all you can. Learn, Learn, Learn!!! Take care of yourself, and learn to rest. And stick around, since I've come to this Board 3 months ago, I don't know how I ever lived without these guy's Support and Love for each other!