Age discrimination in CFIDS/ "post viral"

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    I am quite confused. Do doctors diagnose with a "post viral sydrome" instread of CFIDS sometimes?? My doctors (I've been to about 8) are not so sure it is CFIDS but something in the family of it. Many of you know my story. Had a horrible flu in 2002-hospital for one week. Recovered incredibly/perfectly and enjoyed most of the summer. Then in July I had another flu with majorly swollen glands after having gone on a long and stressful bike ride. But I recovered pretty well again, although many little colds through November 13, 2002,the day I received my flu shot, were to follow. From that day on I have never been the same. I am now defering graduate school for next year because of this. I am always tired and my muscles are weak. It will be 6 months of symptoms on May 13, 2003. I have to say the fatigue has gotten worse and not better. They refuse to even acknowledge the role of the flu shot, interesting though that in my family (2 docs, nurse, unit coord.) they say it could very well be the culprit. I believe I am being discriminated against because of my age. They just won't reach out and help me. It's making me sick. They won't diagnose me---does anyone here have a "post viral" (in my case POST VACCINE) problem? or any feedback on my situation since I am being ignored by my docs?
    thank you!
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    Described my condition as "some type of fatigue syndrome."

    Love, Mikie
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    I knew a lady that developed Guillain-Barre syndrome right after she was given a flu shot, so I would not be at all surprised.

    The CDC is fighting public opinion about vaccines right now, because people are afraid to take them and the doctors are helping with this effort, so they will deny any connection.