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    I saw something interesting on a reply of your. I have only been dx w/fibro for a few months. At this point my creepy gp thinks he can handle it on his own. Although he denies many of my symptoms are even related to fibro. But I know better.
    BUt i haven't gotten as far as a pain doc. Sounds like the shots that you get in your hip my be the answer for me. I had a cortasone shot in my wrist once and it rarely hurts. I haven't thought of a shot in the hip!!!
    Tell me more pleses!!!
  2. Aghllw

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    I have had so much luck with the injections. To be honest, not really sure of the exact name of them, but can find out. My PCP treated me for about 2 months with percocet before he realized I had a much bigger problem. I have 6 herniations in my spine, but all of them are relatively small and weren't contributing to the pain in hips. He referred me to the DO (Pain Man) guy in April of last year and i have been doing much better! I still take some pain meds on a regular basis due to severe pain from the waist down and in my neck and shoulders. But, the injections help!! I will call the dr and ask the nurse to be more specific with type and location of injection. I also get trigger point injections on a regular basis at the base of my neck and across my shoulders. They ARE FABULOUS!!!! Good luck and God Bless! I will be in touch!

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