Ahhh to be pain free, healed and to prosper

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Freedom1, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Freedom1

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    Well, I need your prayers that I can be relieved of pain in my knees/joints, difficulty walking, due to RA Symptoms. I believe God can heal, but it just seems to take forever and the pain has been very bad/escalating. Additionally, because I cannot work and have no income, presently. I need an immediate financial blessing and a source of income. I feel I am really up against it and have never been in this situation before. I stand firmly on God's Word "Beloved, I wish that you may Prosper and be in Health, as your soul prospers." I have been praying a very long time and trying to utilize the resources available -- but it is hard. (insert miracle here) I want to return to work and contribute and have a purpose. Or if God has another purpose... that I will know it and not waste precious time. Please pray for me as I do for all who need Healing, Finances, Guidance and Peace of Mind. Thank you.
  2. monkeykat

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    Do you go to a church that is able to help you? When you are really in need then your brothers and sisters in Christ should be there for you...not that it always happens but it is the responsibility of the church to help:)
    Praying for your provision:)
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    I will certainly be praying daily that the Lord you lift you up high and provide with the needs you have and to give you the pain relief you certainly need. God bless you.

  4. grge

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    Dear God I come to you in prayer for this child of yours.
    I ask in the name of Jesus and the blood shed for us that you ease the pain ,Lord that you answer this your child with all speed and that you open the storehouse of blessing you have stored just for her/him Lord God open the door to opportunity and richly bless this child Lord speed your help
    I know that your time is not my time but Lord I plead with you to act swiftly.
  5. Freedom1

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    Monkeykat, Danny ang Grge thank you for your prayers and advice which is a healling in themselves. MonkeyK I have had the church officers lay hands on me and pray for healing. I am so used to helping others that it is difficult to ask for help. I am very independent -- being an only child and having a small family. I pretty much go directly to God. But, I realize He uses people in his answers. I need help in that area. Danny and Grge your prayers were very intense and went right to the heart of the matter. I definitely appreciate them. I am awaiting answers. Thanks