ahhhh horrible day

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    my boy friends son is such a spoiled rotten conceided brat. i have tried for a year to get along with him and i can't i choose not to.

    he thinks he is above all wrong and perfect it stinks. to day he and his dad are going to get a tattoo that our 2 sons have on their arm and my step son says ours will be better and we will be sure that the chineese writing doesn't say something stupid. and it won't look like a prison tattoo either.

    the tattoo is a chain link with brother in chineese ubder it so they all wanted one to be alike all 3 boys say brother and father says dad.

    this has gone on for a year now and i am tired of it i have mentioned it to my boyfriend and he says he has talked to him and his son says he has nothing against me and he likes me.

    well the son thinks that he has final say over what i do to the house and he is better than anyone and his dad and him have a understanding of each other and no one will get in the way. the boys are adualts. my oldest son cleans for me runs arrands for me and helps me when my step son comes home for the weekend he leaves food and dishes laying around bags from things he has bought and price tags he is a slob. todaqy he even made the comment that my son shoul clean and help me when i told my boyfriend i hired the girl across the street to clean for me. i said he does my son cleaned and mopped the kitchen for me. ohh he says i won't do that that is womans work.

    so i have locked myself up in my room until he leaves tomarrow. he agrivates me so i get in a big flare and it's not worth it.

    these fights are every week end he visits and i am sick of him coming to visit.

    thank you for letting me vent i have no one here to vent to and don't want to vent to family and start a war.

    oh and by the way this is the son who got a girl pregnant is in the navy and turned his back on the pregnant girl and got a new girlfriend 2 days later but hes the good son.

    i am in such a flare i want to run but can't even walk.

    i am sitting there thinking why do you even want the same tattoo and why are you so unpolite as to set there and run down my sons in front of me?
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    So sorry you're having such a rough time. I wish I could say or do something that would help... I'll do the very best thing I can do - I'll be praying for you!

    Love and prayers,