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    You are being treated by Dr. Vrchota at the Wabasha Clinic?
    Do you have CFS? FM? Both?
    What kinds of things is she treating you with? Are they helping?
    That is a beautiful drive
    My father lives in Wabasha. I grew up in the Twin Cities, but I live in New Mexico now.
    I'd greatly appreciate more information...
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    The Clinic is in the hospital, in the front door and to the left. Yes I am being treated by Dr Vrchota. Started with her in June, have been twice so far. Have CFS, FM, asthma, had a small stroke at age 49, SAD, and nerve damage to both arms. Sounds like a basket case when you put it in print! Dr Vrchota said she would start me off on cholestyramine (referred to as Questran from now on just to keep it simple, it's just the brand name I take) because she has seen alot of symptoms reduce or disappear. I was to take it four times a day. Half an hour before eating a meal with protein and fat. Any supplements were to be taken 1 hour before taking the Questran. Then I was not to eat for four hours after taking the Questran. Now, like an FM patient can remember all this. LOL I did my best, walked around with a timer. If I forgot, I just did not worry about it. I just kept at it the best I could. I probably took it 3 or 4 times for 1 to 2 weeks, gradually got down to once a day. Now doing this once a day until the end of Sept (next visit). She did do the VCS test and I was positive for neurotoxins. Do a search on chronic neurotoxins and Dr Shoemaker to find the VCS test. I have taken it online and in the doctors office and found the results to be about the same. She did have suggestions for other supplements I could take but since the stroke I like to do one thing at a time. I also see a Nutritionalist in Duluth so many of my supplements I get from there. Last Feb we drove to El Paso, TX to visit my father. It was my husband's first trip in NM and now he wants to retire there. I told him as long he picks a place within driving distance of Santa Rosa so I can go there to eat. Oh, Dr Vrchota does let us email our questions to her between visits. I really love this, if I have a question, I do not have to wait or make another appointment. And I can send a message any time day or night. Good Luck to you.
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