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    I have posted here a few times before. I am really scared. I have FMS and nerological defects. I went into the doctor's office Mon. with a case of oral thrush. I didn't know what it was. Next thing I knew I had a counselor talking to me about AIDS testing. It appartantly is the first symptom of HIV. I do not take any antibiotics or steriods and am not otherwise immunocompromised. So it sounds like I have HIV. I also have been sleeping 18 hours a day and having night sweats. I don't know what i will do if I do have it. I am calling my doctor tomorrow to see when i will have the results. My boyfriend and myself are going nuts. I tried to talk to my mother for support- but she said she didn't want to talk about it because her arm is broken and hurts. I am so scared.

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    dont worry and trynot to panic, i know people who had trush and not aids . i know over 10 people including my brother who had aids and didnt have trush, what state r u in, bless u and dont freak out. u just have a lousy immune system, val
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    Val has some good points. (I don't know much about thrush or HIV, as I've only known one person with AIDS.)

    I don't know how old you are, but night sweats can be caused by hormones. If you're at the age for perimenopause (and maybe even if you're not) that could be the cause. Lots of people with fibro have complained about night sweats too, and I don't think menopause was an issue.

    As far as sleeping so much, I'd guess you have an active viral infection. Maybe mono.... Maybe you have CFS in addition to the fibro.
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    I can speak from experience about scares. I just came thry my bouts w/if I have cancer or not. Please do one thing and one thing only, focus on good thoughts only. Your fate is in GOD'S hands right now, worrying about it will only depress you and make you feel sicker. Pray about it, get a group of people family and friends to pray for you, I know all of us here will be. Put this in GOD'S hands, they are big enough to handle this problem!!! Blessings, Love Iggy
    PS, from what I hear, and not a professional opinion, I thought thrush could be caused by excessive overgrowth of yeast in the system, which can happen to people w/CFS or FM.[This Message was Edited on 08/06/2003]
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    I do know that thrush is a yeast infection. It's fairly common in babies. I've had yeast infections (not thrush) that have run completely rampant and caused pelvic inflammatory disease twice, and I was not on antibiotics or steroids, nor do I have HIV.

    It's easy for us to say "relax," but I'm sure it's difficult for you. Try to keep busy to keep your mind off it until you get your results, and realize that HIV is still a very rare disease.

    God Bless!
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    Please keep us posted and let us know ASAP how the tests come back, Love and blessings, youre in my prayers, Iggy