AintasgoodasIoncewas--are you okay?

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    Hi Laura-- just wondering if you are okay--I remembered that you're from Indiana and hope you and your family were safe from that tornado. Please check in if you can and let us know how you are doing! It howled all day and night here but nothing like next door in F3 tornado is pretty nasty!

    Thinking of you,
  2. even thinking of me, :)

    Yes, miraculously, our town, even though the weathermen in Kentucky AND Indiana *both* said the tornadic type weather was headed precisely for my town.... it skipped us all together... again.

    It's crazy, but, this is probably the third time in 2-3 years that they told us to seek shelter immediately, prepare for 90+ mph winds, and that tornado's had already hit.... etc..

    It really only stormed heavily, a few MINUTES, then the sun came out, our sirens went off two different times.... it stormed two different times... apparently our police department reported activity in the *air*... but, we had no damage... not even power outage..

    Unfortunately, the Bedford area (Lawrence county) was hit pretty bad with damage, tornado hit in some small towns of lawrence county, even one that lifted a SCHOOL BUS, and landed on a HOUSE!

    I heard only 2-3 injuries, though, thank god, and no fatalities..

    Thank you, very much for asking...

    Glad I checked the board....

    I'm just now recovering from (lol, UGH!) having slammed my right ring finger in the truck door friday night! (OWWWWWW!!!!!!!) Fun ER visit, X-rays, soft splint, etc, lol.. (the door actually *latched shut* with my finger in it~ ouch. But, it's actually healing far better and quicker, than my left arm- which I had to get a tetanus shot in (wow- sore.)... I did entertain the ER staff, and luckily, got a nice doctor, (there is one nightshift ER doctor I will NOT see- I would leave if I had lost a LIMB! if he were on duty.)

    So... *sigh*.... the only 'damage' I've sustained, was self-inflicted, dummy-caused..... lol

    TY again, God bless.

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    So sorry to hear about your finger getting slammed into the truck..ouch!
    I am relieved that you and your family didn't have to deal with more than just the storm and's terrifying to say the least! I did see the footage of the other area and that's what made me wonder about I'm glad you are safe. Tornados are annoying and so unpredictable, as we've had several warnings but no touch downs where I live. Where I lived five years ago we had more trouble. I live close to sirens now and they didn't even go off during our fun! Not!

    Take Care,