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    Please read what I posted a what the demetrogist (sp?) said.

    I have PD and you sort of sounded like me. My mother had PD also. I have Cfids/Fibro. Please ask Dr. about PD (Parkinson Disease). You might not have it, but should be considerated.

    Blessings to you Susan
  2. I am 28yrs old,--I have a male cousin, mothers side of family, who....was diagnosed with PD at 28, he is 33 now.. scary huh? Mom's entire family each generation gets sicker. My sister & 1 cousin (both of whom had asthma as children, and sis still does) are the only "healthy" ones physically.

    Mom & 1 sister have diabetes, both her sisters, mom, me, all have fibromyalgia, her youngest sister just found out she has an aneurysm, her only surviving brother has cancer, and is having is lower leg amputated Wednesday, skin grafts after having bone removed & a titanium(?) rod put in, didn't take, and the leg is infected...

    The cousin who has Parkinson's disease, *used* to be a Marine, now he has severe seizures, that are uncontrolled despite meds, PD, asthma, and had suffered a collapsed lung, rotator cuff injury(& surgery), and has hearing aids now..

    While being a prison guard in Cuba, artillery was fired too close to where he was standing, which caused the hearing loss, and the collapsed lung, possibly other things. He had also previously had a job where he was a welder....which they've linked some cases of PD to..

    The seizures? they said could've been too many blows to the head, they don't know...

    I will go check your post, ty,

    Best wishes,


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