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    its nice to have someone who cares!!! also to all the others that posted your great!!! and yes i'm a dork too!! HEEEE!HEEEE!!!! need to go, hubby is doing BBQ, smells done!! hope it doesnt plug me- (SORRY) LOL! HUGS!!! MONA
  2. Bathroom humor, & dorkiness, LOL!!

    Glad you seem to be feeling better for now, enjoy your BBQ with hubby!

    Unfortunately, lol, my *knowledge, has mostly come, not* from the fact that I worked in the medical field, (military & civillian) (national guards/combatmedic=field medic civillian/CNA & NREMT= nursing homes & hospital) but mostly from experience, LOL.

    I think most of us, through our illnesses, in time, from personal experience end up wiser than most doctors, they study it for a week or two in school, and move on to the next part or system of the body; but, we live it, constantly, and we even experience stuff they *haven't studied! LOL and living something is definitely different then *reading* about something.

    These boards are definitely a wealth of knowledge, and a great place to come to for a large group of opinions when you need help on something,

    and you learn a lot

    take care,

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    real fast cause old monitor last night died! so am on even an older one and smaller screen , it kinda flashes and i get sea sick!!! funny i did very little of what you did but (((steal ? dont know how to use spell check and am worst speller sorry )))kinda same field- i was a CNA at a nursing home ,grew up around them while growing up. dads 2nd or was it his 3rd job ,he was forman in the navel shipyard here in wash. state . maint. guy at nite at the nursing home, mom was head cook .i was dishwasher at 15. then later after other odd jobs returned to a nursing home , love the people!!! before i met husband was just getting all my ducks in order to start trainig for a EMT then really wanted to end in the trauma emergency ward . what a rush that would of been!!! but didn't, plans changed hubby was in the navy on the USS NIMITZ . i'm 43 now, how old are you ? no info if you dont want to ,its just nice to talk to someone. i think it was you that said dont go on paxil? i did sat morn i was fine ,then weird headach, then sun i was soooo pissy at everyone and my mind wouldnt stop!!! took my reg. meds you know the klonopin but the other brand cant spell and to lazy to get up and get them , but sun night was in alot of pain woke up at 2-45 and my mind wouldnt stop i wanted to yell mean things at kids ,((didnt)), my mind was racing with toughts of things i havent said to hubby ever! , mean angery things!!!!! so woke hub told him he said DO NOT TAKE THEM!!!!!! so i didnt today . weird HUH? but u i think said not to. but only 2 pills could do that? they were only 10 mgs. well thanks for your ear!!! will check later i'm taking my 18,& 13 yearold kids to the dentist, FUN !!!! so need to pick one up soon from school. HUGS! TALK TO YA SOON. MONA P.S SORRY NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SPACE SO EASYIER TO READ.
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