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  1. lgp

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    I know it's been posted about before, so I guess I just need to vent.

    When the air conditioning goes on for the first few warm days, I feel good, and appreciative of the relief. But after a few days of continued exposure, I start to not feel so good. I keep my thermostat at a pretty even temperature to make the house comfortable but not too cold, and it will still bother me after awhile. And the closed in feeling of all the windows being closed also bothers me.

    Last Sunday was my daughter's dance recital weekend and since she's a company dancer, there were many hours of practice and I was required to be there for the whole weekend. Well, the auditorium was so, so cold--an absolute meat locker, that I was totally wiped out yesterday. and I just knew it was going to happen!!I just don't understand why I have such an adverse reaction to something that's supposed to make me feel comfortable.

    I find myself venturing out of the house as often as possible, like taking the cordless phone onto the porch when someone calls me. It seems to me the only time when I actually look for the a/c is dinner time; when I'm cooking and then eating dinner. I hate to cook in a hot kitchen. BTW, I love my ceiling fans and try to utilize them as much as possible.

    Anyway, that's my beef for today!! Hopefully, everyone can try and strike a comfortable balance with the a/c.


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  2. msbsgblue

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    So far in WA it has been to cool that we don't need ours. This weekend suppose to jump from 70's to near 100. I dread it. We only have window unit and it is in the living room so when I sit in there it drives me nuts.

    Then I burn up in the bedroom since my husband tends to turn the A/C down or off at night. The contrast is going to make me miserable. I have arhtritis and FM.

    Wish there was an answer.
  3. frosty77

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    LOL, I'd kill for an AC! Since I hit 40, I've been uncomfortably hot all the time (at work, I even stoop to wearing tank tops - in a professional office - gross I know, but it beats passing out). We have no AC at home and I would dearly love one! Sure, it makes me feel worse - but so does heat and I'd rather bundle up as there are only so many clothes you can take off :)
  4. doloresf1

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    Man, I am miserable when an air conditioner is blowing cold air into a room. Cannot tolerate cold air touching my body.

    But, I cannot stand the heat and humidity of Summer. And it seems it's more humid and hotter every Summer.

    I am constantly trying to find a point of comfort. I adjust my air conditioning constantly. Turn it up. Turn it down. Close the vents. Turn it off and open a window. Close the window. Start adjusting the a/c once more. LOL!

    It is such frustration. I'm just so sensitive. If anyone finds a solution, please tell us all!


    P.S. Oh, I must add this. I cannot stand to sit with a fan running in the room either. It's something about cool air touching my skin. An open window in the room does the same thing to me. I've had many a flare from sitting in a room with an open window.[This Message was Edited on 06/24/2008]

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