air conditioning causing more pain

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    I think that the air conditioning that we have running now is making my fibro.,bursitis and raynaud's worse.I have been in the wost pain today.Even the arches in my feet hurt.I haven't had my perscription anti inflam. med. in about a week.Thought maybe I could go without it.I have had 2 cortisone shots in the last 2 months in both shoulders for bursitis and taking the anti. inflam. meds. was my only choice to treat the reaccuring bursitis.

    I just don't understand why I have so much trouble with pain now that the air conditioning is on.It could be my raynaud's acting up too.I know that my fingers are stinging more.

    Anyway, does anyone else notice an increase in pain since turning on air conditioning?
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    Unfortunately everyone can stand and enjoy the cool air from the air conditioning in my house but me.Happens every summer when the air conditioning comes on it just hasn't been this bad before. I just get under quilts or wear sweat shirts. I try to garden as much as I can which lately is not much and on those days the cool air feels good. But it is short lived.I end up under quilts especially after getting hot outside in the garden working. Then pain from head to toes and unreal fatigue. Never a break for me it seems. Oh well gotta do the best I can.

    Thanks for the help,
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    What I do is cool the house down but then turn up the thermostat so it is not so cold. That way I get rid of the humidity and it is not too cold. After the housecools down, I rely on fans. Especially at night.

    Sometime it seems we can not win, eh? I can not stand the humidity but do not like it too cold.

    Hope your pain subsides soon.

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