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  1. aka1977

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    Hello Everyone,

    Well my husband is more than likely going to join the Air Force as long as he passes his Meps physical. I was wondering what are some of your dh or sons, daughters, and wives jobs in the Air Force, and what are some some that are good, and then not so good? Also I know it depends on the job, but on average how long is the Air Forces deployments, and how often just on an average, how many times have your dh, wives, sons, and daughters be deployed through the years?
    I apperciate all the info you ladies have giving me so far, thank you so much.

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    My dh and I were both Air Force. WE both worked in Satellite is working on the communications equipment and getting communications up when deployed. Great job, with all kinds of opportunities on the outside. MY dh has never had problems finding a position, and now he is back working for the government as a civilian, but his military time bridged towards his retirement!

    As far as deployment, I was in for 5 years and did 1 year long tour in Korea. My dh was in for 9 yrs and did 2 year long tours to Korea, and went to Saudi a couple of times. But he was stationed a mobile unit and volunteered to go alot.....this was before we met.

    My sister is still in the AF and she only deploys every couple of years for a few months at a time.

    I think the AF is a great decision, once he is done with his basic training and school, it is like any other job for the most part. Show up to work, go home and do what you want. And what other place gives you 30 days vacation??

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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    My husband has been in the AF for 23 years and due to retire in December. He's security police and has done everything you can imagine: physical security of aircraft, nukes and facilities later becoming a flight chief; an instructor at Silver Flag Alpha desert warfare-training center, money manager for a squadron, informational security manager, yada yada. Many different aspects to one career field.
    The AF has been a good life for us and we've seen lots of places over the years including Japan and Germany. Any field he picks you do have to realize he's on call 24/7 and it takes some adjusting. I can tell you this, medical care is great. ^^

    Good luck to you both!
  4. aka1977

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    What does your sister do in the Air Force?
  5. aka1977

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    So does that happen alot that their promised jobs, and then don't get what they want. The recruiter told my hubsand seven job picks, and seven base picks, he should get one of them.
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    One thing to keep in son got a job on the B-10 bombers. He liked the job and all but...there are only like three bases in the world (that are big enough or whatever ) to have the B-10 stationed. He ended up in Rapid City SD at Ellsworth. The overseas base for the B-10 is Diego Garcia, a nightmare of a place It's an island that is only a base. All they do is work and drink. He hated it there. No wives either.

    If you get a job that is specific to one aircraft find out where you will be. It can make a lot of difference.

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    It sounds like your son must be at that right? My son in law works there too, but right now he's not in the A.F. He got out after a deployment last year and now he's working as a civilian. But I think he misses it, as he's thinking of joining the Air Guard. My son in law and daughter live in North Pole....did you visit there? p.s. We don't live in AK anymore, we moved to Washington state. A lot warmer!
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    My SIL has been in the AF since he was 19, and he'll be 30 soon. He was fortunate enough to be stationed near by when he met my daughter (and her daughter), and was here for 6 years.

    They have just moved to Alaska-it was that or go to Iraq, so he chose Alaska. Who wouldn't, right??

    He is a fire fighter, and has been deployed 3 times since he and my daughter have been married. Each time was for just less than a year. They do pretty well-the AF pays for their housing, and when they buy groceries, etc, on base, it's much cheaper.

    They are raising 4 children, and are not living the life of luxury, but are doing ok. They have learned how to manage their money, and by moving to Alaska, have gotten a nice bonus, and will be getting that government money, also. Hoping that they save it and buy a house near by when their stay there is over.

    It can be rough on the children, but there are a lot of lifestyles that can be-construction, etc. Every child has to learn how to adapt, and so much depends on how the parents deal with it. My daughter does the best she can to keep her children close to eachother and they do well. Good luck! PG
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    The form you fill out for base choices is called a 'dream sheet' for a reason. :p For base choices it will always depend on whether the base has an opening in his career field/rank. The only people that get a preference on a base are the ones returning from a remote duty (unaccompanied tour). As for the job selection, it's always been "the needs of the Airforce come first". It's what his test scores qualify him for and what career fields have short falls.
    The recruiter is like a car salesman with his quota to sell, take what he says with a grain of salt. This isn't to say that the military isn't a good life you just learn to be realistic.

    Take care,
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