air mattress really helps

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  1. babysitter

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    hello i am new to the message board. just wanted to share this, may help some one. i to have fibromyalgia. i have been suffering from lack of sleep.just could not get comfy! i bought a air mattress, one with air chambers. it helps soooo much. still have some long nights but my body doesnt hurt as much. those of you that are like me and can not afford a special mattress, give the air mattress a try.its alot cheaper! hugs to you all...babysitter
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    We spend summers in our camper in Maryland and I put a thick air mattress on top of the regular mattress, and every year I look forward to my GIANT COLD BED. (It's right under the a/c vent) I sleep so much better.
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    Though it doesn't seem to help - I'm used to a nice heated waterbed. Oh I miss it so badly! I can't rock myself to sleep without my waterbed.

    I think I do better on something that conforms to my body instead of my body having to adjust. Plus there's constant warmth from the bed's heater. (I sleep with an electric blanket now):).

    I have low blood pressure, low heartbeat, cold intolerance that is getting worse (I hate winter!) New thyroid medication might help out with all of that though.