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    Anyone collect airmiles. The ones through Safeway, in Canada anyway. There are other sponsors, but ours come mainly from Safeway. I'm not sure if they have this program in other countries. My vacume gave out awhile ago so I had enough to order a new vacume & a booster seat for my baby ...yay I can get the high chair out of here. Last year I had enough to get 2 NHL hockey tickets to a Calgary Flames game for my husband & I. I'll never forget that night, as it was -35 outside, our seats were higher on the second balcony & it was after I began getting daily migraines. I loaded up on Tylenol #3 as that was all I was taking at the time. We had fun though. I also got a very good quality crib mattress. I love free bees! Can't wait to get my vacume, as this place is looking pretty scarey! My baby is scared of the high pitch shop vac we have, so there isn't many opportunities to get it done. Anyone else get any 'good' stuff through airmiles? Any trips? I worked with a lady who went to Florida with her husband for 2 weeks. That was just from grocery shopping. I hope everyone's happy & healthy today, Laura