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    I need to find a good doctor in Alabama. The closer to Tuscaloosa the better. I have been to numerous doctors and they have the same crappy attitude. One doctor gave up on me and passed me off to a pain care specialist. The pain care specialist tried numnerous procedures that didnt work and continiously gave me grief about taking tramadol the ONLY thing that help relieve the pain. Acting like I was a drug addict and telling me that I am too young to be taking pain killers. Then on another visit, when I told him that I wouldnt be able to pay for continously seeing for phyisical therapy since my insurance doesnt hardly pay anything, he told me he was not a financial advisor he is a doctor. Really? I couldnt believe iit came out his mouth. We are deffinatley discriminated against. Anyway I need to find a new doctor. One who has an understanding of people with Fibromyalgia.

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    I take it u mainly have fibro, something that might be of help which is abit pricey but a one off would be a tens machine, i have put off getting one of these for awhile but bought one recently to help with my chronic lower back pain, all i can say is i should have done it earlier, its not 100% but it helps.

    I also find tramadol effective, i use the slow release version, this could help u with pain relief more effectively.

    Baclofen is a medication that is classed as a muscle relaxer that i have been using to help with sleep, it works well when combined with something else like an antihistamine. I have heard it works well for fm, its also quite cheap and u can get it from internet pharmacies without a presciption, you will just have to read up on it and educate your self about side effects etc, sometimes the way the medical system is it doesnt leave many options other then to treat yourself, just try to do alot of research yourself. I get my baclofen from here, can take 4-6 weeks to get your order but i have found them reliable.

    I hope this helps,
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