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    I saw your post on Sapphire311's post. There are two Sapphire's. I'm just Sapphire and she is Sapphire311.

    My surgery is scheduled for June 23rd. I feel really good about it. I'm wearing a cervical collar 24/7 and it has helped me so much. I don't have the fatigue and pain that I was having before, I just can't believe the difference. They say that if a collar helps you then surgery will help so I'm hopeful. Dr. Heffez said my stenosis was severe. I really have no choice but to have surgery and the only thing he promised was to stop the progression. I'm hoping to get rid of some of the symptoms but he said the longer it's let go the more irreversible damage there is. He thinks I've had this all along (13 years) and was misdiagnosed with CFS/FM. I think he may be right.

    So what causes a syrinx? I've read about them but don't know what causes them. I hope you are able to get this taken care of soon. I'm glad you found out what the problem was. Keep me posted on what is happening with you.

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    Hey Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner...I had a Lumbar Puncture Test (Spinal Tap) done on Thursday and I have had a headache from hell is the first day I have been able to sit up without getting dizzy and nausea! I am greatful I guess to know what to have an answer, but I liked the answer I had before when he thought it was just compressed nerves. This disease seems to get worse as life goes on. It is also worse to have Syringomelia without Chiaris. See there are two types of Syringomyelia out there with and without Chiaris. I have the version that is without Chiari's and that type is harder to treat! I am so blessed...NOT!!! has been a blessing. This website and the asap website have become my two homes! Ok Sapphire Robert and Dr. Dan are wonderful...and Megan and Melissa are total sweethearts I love and trust them all! So you are in wonderful hands! Make sure to have someone in your family keep us informed! Best of luck and I will keep you in my prayers! Love Snoopy!
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    Sorry you had to have a spinal tap. I have heard the headache is terrible from them. When will you know the results?

    I know alot about chiari but not too much about what you have. I know it is rare to have a syrinx without chiari. I thought I had chiari by all my symptoms but Dr. Heffez ruled it out. I was so happy when he said I didn't have it then he said the chiari surgery is easier than what I'm having. I don't know if he meant for the patient or for him.

    I am getting really nervous about the surgery although I have full confidence in Dr. Heffez. It's wearing the hard collar 24/7 for 3 months that worries me. I have to even shower in it but can change it when I get out.

    They are having a convention in Chicago the week we will be there and we couldn't get rooms close to the hospital. Wouldn't you know it? We can't stay in the guest rooms at the hospital this time because we have other family members going with us. So when you go back, you'd better make arrangements as soon as possible. Don't do like I did and put it off.

    Keep me posted on what's going on. You can email me if you want. It's You take care.