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  1. I use to have a beer once in awhile and when I started getting sick I found I coudn't drink even a beer I would start throwing up and would have such pain for days after,I think it may have to do with the liver being affected by this illnes.Anyone know about this or any ideas??
  2. tonakay

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    One of the signs/symptoms of CFS/FMS is alcohol intolerance.

  3. bpmwriter

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    like tona said, it's common with cfs to have an intolerance to alcohol. i don't know that it's specifically due to liver impairment. i found that during an almost-remission last year, i was able to have drinks without feeling sick. this illness is so very strange.

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    It made me hurt for three days, even if I only had one beer. Plus now that I am on a muscle relaxer it causes a allergic reaction with the beer.

    I felt good this past weekend and thought I would just have one beer with my husband. By time I was done drinking it I was beet red all over, and felt like I was 110 degrees. So now I know I can't even have just one.

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    wish I could. I save it for weddings and special occassions, once every few years.