alcohol/stimulants..Have I done myself in for good?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shazz, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. shazz

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    I KNOW better than this, and I hope I haven't damaged myself forever now.
    My brother from out of town was here, and he and his friends had a huge party for a couple of their birthdays. I really did not think I was going to be able to go, but I dragged myself there.
    After having a few beers, I started feeling better (probably just braver actually) so I had a few more, then I wanted to head home and someone offered me something I know I should not have done, but did it anyhow, I just wanted to party, to socialize with friends I haven't seen for years.
    Let's just say what I did was not legal, but it kept me there, awake and feeling pretty damned good for a few more hours. Like until 6 AM.
    After having about 4 hours sleep I woke up in incredible muscle pain, and it hasn't gotten much better today either.
    I am afraid I have really hurt myself permanently. I reallly don't know what to do, I can't hardly go into the doctor tell them I abused an illegal substance and now I need help. I can't get enough pain meds as is and if I fess up they will think of me as a drug abuser for sure and cut me off for good.
    Is anyone else willing to admit to this, and if so did it eventually wear off? I am so spaced out, I can't think, can't hardly walk, and here I sit at work thinking if I just dropped dead it really wouldn't be that bad of a deal.
    Is there any supplement or food maybe that will speed (no pun intended)the crap out of my system?
    I hope this isn't an out of line post, if so I am sure it will be deleted very soon anyhow.
    Also, if anyone of you are tempted ever, because you just want one night, the way it used to be. DON'T.

  2. Mikie

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    I don't do recreational drugs, so I can't speak from experience. I seriously doubt that you have done permanent damage to yourself. My guess is that this too shall pass and you will feel better. I hope so. Take care of yourself.

    Hopefully, one of our members will have better info for you.

    Love, Mikie
  3. LeLeHpr

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    Drink plenty of fluids and DON'T DO IT AGAIN! :p
  4. pam_d

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    I, too, can't speak from experience on whatever it was you indulged in beyond the booze----but I have had a couple of glasses of wine too many once or twice since FM----always regret it the next day, but no lasting I still have a glass of wine every couple of weeks or so, but limit it to one & no problems. Despite how you feel now, I doubt it will have lasting effects. And I DO know how it feels to WANT things to be the way they once were.....we don't have to drink or do drugs to know that feeling, nostalgia for what we had when we were younger, healthier, more energetic, you name it.....we want it back. And, yeah, we all know better....

    Hope you're feeling better by now....

  5. mycatprint

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    Part of the problem is overdoing it while you were feeling soooooo gooooood. The other part is that our bodies don't shed toxins as quickly as most people's bodies do. I would recommend lots and lots of chamomile tea, lots and lots of vitamin C,(I am NOT a doctor, but if this were me, I would take enough vita C to give myself temporary runs,) and lots of heat packs on your aching muscles, followed by enough movement to get the blood moving and so move the toxins out. I am not suggesting heavy labor here! I'm suggesting someone rub and massage your muscles after heat packs. Don't use heat ointments plus heat packs. And I prefer no heat ointments because it just makes more stuff for our over worked system to flush out.

    Lastly -- Write down in as much exquisite detail as you can exactly how you feel right now. Then put it in your wallet to read the next time you are tempted.

    And--- forgive yourself. We have enough really bad stuff to put up with without beating up on ourselves, too.

    hugs from Cat
  6. Shirl

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    Drink mega water, and if you can milk, and probotics. I don't abuse drugs, but have been around a lot of young people who did. Eat dry bread, yes dry bread, it absorbs the poison in your system.

    The combination of the beer and the drug is what has you so wiped out. Your liver can't get rid of the toxins as you gave it too much at one time to throw off.

    Codliver oil is great too. It helps the liver detox.

    Plus, remember, never do this again. We have enough problems with prescribed drugs not agreeing with us, much less the other kind.

    You are probably going to be sick for a few days, so conform to this, and just rest as much as possible.

    Let us know how you are doing...........

    Shalom, Shirl

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  7. AC77

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    as long as its not a regular occasion. I am just barely out of my party phase and i can assure you med students indulge at least as often as college kids, mostly because we know what drugs really do. And what they do can be deadly or the statistics overinfalted or dramtasized. The whole Escasty causes parkinsonism is B.S., the study IS flawed. It used daily doses a few times, if not hundreds of times higher than the usual. I dont endorse illicit drugs... just you have an illness thats not going to be made better by it one it. We all have self medicated.

    Cocaine, and i am thinking that may be what you are talking about, is only dangerous in the effect that you can shortly after snorting it, have a heart attack --and is a common reason for ER admissions. But too be blunt its only a few steps removed from ritalin! And also, you dont know WHAT it is mixed with. thats the scariest part. Moderation is the key for most things. but when you dont know what those things are for sure and what it will do with prescribed meds, be prepared to suffer the consequences.

    you will be ok, if you are still with us, as you read this :) ANd I know you are! If it was gonna cause your demise it would have so by now. But frank with your MD when he asks about drugs, and they will be frank about what is OK for you to do. Ask them not to chart it for you also. I know how hard temptation is BTW!
  8. shazz

    shazz New Member

    I won't be doing that again. Not that I ever did it that often in the first place. Maybe once or twice a year and not at all in the last 8 years.
    I think I will even have to swear off of beers.
    No AC I didn't have cocaine, but methamphetamine.
    You know, I almost felt like my old self for a while, I played some pool, even got behind the drum set for one song with the band, and got my guitar out for a few minutes, and played it for the first time in a long time. Now you would think my arms and hands would be killing me, but it's my legs. I am better than yesterday, even got about 5 hours of sleep last night, which is alot for me.
    It's hard to accept our limitations, and it was just one of those situations where I longed to be what I was, even if only for a short time.
    I have been drinking water non stop since Sunday morning, and took extra B vitamins for the last couple days as well.
    You know it's sad, it used to be we all knew if we drank too much that we would feel like crap the next day for a few hours, and I might still do it once in awhile if that were the case, but I guess my partying days are over. Some things are just hard to accept.
  9. mamafurr

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    geeze if i knew then what i know now. i was a partying fool before diagnosis in 1990. then one more time about 8yrs ago. one nite of fun for about a week of recuperation. like someone said...don't beat yourself up. just remember how horrible you feel hopefully not to get tempted again. if our bodies didn't feel the pain after, what would be the motivation to not do it again? i feel for ya dear. all will be well. you aren't gonna die. but next time? you never know how the old bod is gonna we get older we are less invincible :). i should have died in my 20's.
    take care.
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I used to be a partying fool too. Now, I'm just a regular fool :)

    Love, Mikie
  11. mamafurr

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  12. tandy

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    I doubt you did any perm. damage!!Your body just needs extra time to recoup!and like others said before me,DRINK lots of water......flush that crap out!! I bet ya had fun tho huh??teehee;)
    Last month I went to a wedding reception and did my damdest to forget about FM.I drank a little ,DANCED!!had tons of fun~I had'nt had this much fun in what seems like forever!!(how can I, all I do is stay home,or get out for an hr or 2 to go to the drs or grocery store~)
    But I sware for the next 5 days I was beat!!worse than my normal beat!!I just did'nt have the strength to do nothing!!
    We sure do pay tenfold for those brief goodtimes!!was it worth it???you bet yer butt!
    Rest up......the 4th of july is coming!!
  13. ChiaPet

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    Ive never done much drugs but I would go on drinking binges sometimes to ease the pain of fibromyalgia.When drinking I felt so energetic.I enjoyed things and everything looked bright.

    Well once the alcohol would wear off my body felt worse than before I drank.It took about a few days to feel ok again.About as ok as you can feel with this damn thing.

    So just try to relax it should pass soon.