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    The doctor that is treating me is Dr. Farr, he is in Florida and we do phone consultations and use email to communicate, he is not a medical but a chiropractor that has gotten into treating people with these problems. Some people have been pretty critical of his website but since they have not talked with him nor have been treated by him it's pretty much unfounded criticism.

    After numerous tests he decide to start first with the digestive system; dysbiosis- malabsorption, leaky gut and permeability problems , parasites, infections, inflammation, and so on. For a week, I took, to help resolve digestive problems
    -I.P.S. -
    Beta-TCP -
    and Zinc
    the I went into step 2:

    ADP - this is oregano oil
    Bio-B 100 -
    MSM -
    21st Century Homeopathic #8/Fungal-Yeast Infection,
    1F/C Cidal -
    Now all this is geared for my specific problem, but you can get an idea of what the treatment is like. the first bunch of supplements I did for 7 days then cut back on them and started step 2
    The lab that tested for Lyme is Central Florida Research, Inc. in Winter Haven, FL, the test is called Berrelia flow.

    the next step will be to work on the hormones- HPA axis and the thyroid, all tho I am taking the iodine and Armour - time release- hopefully I can get off the throid meds and the Bio identical Estrogen and progesterone.

    Hope this helps

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