Alfalfa for Allergy/Sinus issues & More

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    I'm back on Alfalfa tabs, Bernard Jensen brand, for arthritic issues...I took Alfalfa years ago but didn't stay with it, I've dealt with OA for years and with age, things are all back on Alfalfa and will stick with it, it is very affordable.

    In reading a lot of reviews, many praise it for their allergy/sinus issues.....Alfalfa does work on many body functions... and it's a GREEN vegetable.

    I know there was a thread recently about horrible sinus/allergy problems, but I can't find it, too many places to look for it and I'm not in the posting a new thread on alfalfa.

    I have no plans to stop grape seed extract, but I have enough joint issues to keep Trying......jam

    Here is a link that lists ALL that Alfalfa addresses from cholesterol, allergies, gout, arthritis, cleaning blood, urine flow (cleaning the kidneys) and MORE:

    Alfalfa is a simple power house herb that is high in many nutrients and helps ...
    They have a long description of alfalfa benefits on the product page in their shop.

    (WELL, darn the links don't open, so just copy/paste the link I mention into search engine, or someone can copy/paste it for me) My computer does FUNNY stuff, some times things post, often they don't.
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    Let's see if this link opens, it's informative as well:

    What are the benefits of alfalfa? Everyone loves a Top Ten List so I'm going one
    better! Here are the Top Eleven Reasons to supplement with Alfalfa: It lowers ...


    Alfalfa is a fantastic natural remedy for many ailments such as arthritis, balding,
    and kidney ... What is Alfalfa | Benefits | Treatments | Side Effects | Where to Buy ...
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    Just realized a couple days ago my fingernails FOR SURE on my left hand are almost VOID of the vertical lines I've had for a long time....right hand fingernails are worse since that is my worst side of body with arthritis and inflammation (hip replacement side).... but the right hand nails are reducing the vertical lines.

    So alfalfa is working, it is full of nutrients. Such a strange feeling to "feel smooth nails"....