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    Hey girl. How's it going? You have been in my thoughts and prayers. My struggles seem similar to yours and that is why I am writing. I haven't really connected with that many people and don't warm up to people that easily but there is something about you that just grabed my attention. I can tell by the stuff I have read and the stuff you have wrote to me that you are very sincere. You have a heart of gold and care very much for others. I like that about you. I also know that your faith plays an important roll in your life. It does in mine too. Without it there would be nothing to live for.
    I would love a chance to get to know you better and to be able to share emails occasionally. Maybe this is not something you would want and that is something I can accept too. I just feel that God placed you in my life. I am leaving it completely up to you. I am placing my email in my bio for a short period of time hoping that you will get it in the next couple days. It's up to you to start the communication.
    Thanks for your time. I look forward to getting to know you better!!
    God bless, Dianne
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