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    I just wanted to say I see that you are from Bemidji, Minnesota. My boys and I have fond memories of spending summers up in your area at a resort named Kitchie Landing.

    I always drove up to Bemidji to buy groceries...would go to Blackduck to buy fabric from this wonderful shop that sells fabric by the pound!

    You live in a beautiful part of the country.

    Happy New Year!
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    Ali is in the cities right now with her family. Her littlest one needed to go to the hospital. So don't know if she will see this right away??

    Just thought i would let you know.

    I grew up in Bemidji, and now live in a small town alittle ways way. You are talking about Anderson fabrics, but i've never heard of that resort, of course this area is full of resorts!!

    Why don't you just bump this post in a couple days for her.

    Happy New Years!
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    Thanks Misty, I had no idea. I hope everything is OK with her child.

    Kitchie's address is Blackduck so it is down that way, Kitchie Lake is one of the lakes attached to Cass Lake. It is so beautiful and relaxing up there. I am so glad I bumped into the 2 of you maybe sometime if I ever get back up there we can meet for lunch or something, that would be fun.

    That shop is an appolstery (sp?) shop and they sell the extra fabric in bulk. I miss going there, even though I still haven't made much with the fabric I could spend the day digging through it all.

    Again, thanks for responding to my email and I hope you have a happy and healthy new year!
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    my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    many years ago I had to sit in a hospital when my daughter was 13 and wait for her to have open heart surgery. God will give you strenght and take care of your little one, we are praying for you and your Family.
    blessings sixtyslady
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    And for your family. I hope all went well. Let us know when you can.

    Love, Mikie
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    I hope she don't mind me coping and pasting it here, i'm sure she will see this post and respond, but just to keep you updated, i thought i would share this for her.

    Sounds like they are doing good, but still need our prayers for complete healing and travel home.


    AmeliaGrace and Surgery update 01/02/07 07:22 PM

    Hello and Thank you all 01/02/07
    Hey I posted a new picture of me and the girls. You have a better view of AmeliaGrace in this one. Jocelyn is looking away but I wanted you all to see the little girl you have been praying for.

    Darn it all I just typed a long post and then hit the wrong button and lost it. As you can tel I am alittle out of it so I really cant repeat it all so I will give you a little update till I have more sleep. zzzzz

    Amelia is doing Awesome. She is great and I am so relieved it is over. She will be realeased tomorow if all goes well. I meet nutritionist in morning to.

    She has a lot of things she has tested positive to being allergic to. So now I will try to adjust our meals and foo in the house to make sure she can eat everything. It will be interesting to say the least.

    I am very greatful this is all that hs been found wrong. thank you for your prayers and thoughts as it has helped us immensely.I have felt peace ever since reading all your posts and knowing you all are here for us.

    I am anxious to get home safetly God willing and that this will be the end of the surgeries and the start of a better year for her and me. I am feeling pretty good today too which is impressive with all the stress but I think my new meds are really starting to work for the depression and the pain.

    Thank you all agian for your prayers and support.

    P.S. Sorry but I accidently deleted all the posts on this while I was reading them earlier. I didnt realize what I did until after the fact. I think I really need to go to sleep. lol


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    You guys just rest up and take it easy, your little one needs you the most right now!

    Don't forget to give the older one an extra hug, so she don't feel neglected in all the going one over little sis.