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    Alisha, love your biopic. We're the same age! What are the girls up to lately?

    Sorry about the scrapbooking difficulty. Time just drags when you can't do things like that, huh? A lot of days the DD has me whittled down to daydreaming. Dad got me a sketchbook today, so I filled a bunch of pages in it with some pencil crayon drawings.

    Just wanted to say, GOOD FOR YOU!!!! :D Being a wife and a mom must be so much work - the GOOD kind of work - and you're dealing with these health conditions too. Pat on the back!

    Do the girls like bedtime stories?

    ((hugs)) Shannon
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    I can't use the computer as often as I'd like to.

    I'm not married so far, though I often think I would like to be married and have children. I live with my dad and two grown brothers. Dad and I are moving to the USA some time this year and my brothers will be staying here in Canada. Wonder what I will do without them? They still like hugs and bedtime stories.

    Have you found anything to do after the kids are in bed? Sometimes when my concentration is really low, I just crumple a piece of paper and uncrumple it until it's soft like lint. Passes the time. Very dull though! lol

    ((hugs)) Shannon