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    hello everyone, i am back. i lost at the alj hearing level. i should have won. The case was decided before we even got started. The whole process took less than 15 minutes.

    The written denial made me look like a liar. But, when the case worker got the medical records or whatever she got, it proved everything I said was true.I have never lied through out the whole process.

    The papers have been filed with the appeals council,plus, I have refiled my application also. It was a waste of time.They reversed everything around on my medical and evaluatin report.

    it set me back, but I will be allright. I am not giving up. I did not ask for this sickness.

    This process started three years ago. How do they expect you to remember everything step by step.

    My question is , how long before you hear from the appeals council and hear from your refiled application for ssdi?

    the phone keeps ringing, anybody needs one?

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