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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ChristineNY, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. ChristineNY

    ChristineNY New Member

    I have been a long time lurker - posted once or twice but read faithfully and always get so much good info from all of you.

    Now after two years of waiting, my appeal hearing is finally scheduled and I am getting more and more nervous every day. I have basically lost everything along the way a nd if it werent for family I don't know where we (hubby and two teenagers) would be today. Homeless, I am positive of that.

    Now I feel this sudden stress, pressure, I don't even know what to call it. I need to get throught this hearing and convince the judge that I deserve to collect disability. I AM disabled darn it! If I could work, would I have let my home and another property go into foreclosure? Would I have had my car repossesed, or gone without food and basic needs?

    Anyhow, after years of trying to convince my family and loved ones that I am OK, and downplaying my pain, depression, anxiety, etc. How do I now switch gears and try and convince a stranger that I am in pain all of the time, I am falling apart physically as well as mentally? How do I get across to him how terrible I feel about myself for having let my family down? This has taken so much from me - I dont even know who I am anymore.

    Well, thanks for listening to my vent - I really needed to get that out. Any advice is greatly appreciated, and know that I am always thinking and praying for all of you (and you dont even know it).
    Take Care,
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    HI Christine

    I recently had my ALJ hearing (Feb 10) and like you was a nervous wreck. If you do a search of my name you will see where I put I won I won but anyway. Like I said I was a nervous wreck. Do you have a lawyer? My lawyer met with me 1/2 hour earlier and we went over some stuff and when we got in there it was the judge, in front of us, the Vocationalist & Med. expert on the left of us and on the right of us was the woman who was typing it all up and of course my lawyer and I sat next to each other.

    The judge did his little opening thing with why we were there and dates of my appeals and just general stuff. My lawyer also did a little opening too because I had so many diagnosis over the years. Anyway my lawyer asked me questions and it was everything we had went over and when she was done, and to be honest yes I did cry during her asking me some questions, the judge then said I have no questions!! I thought hmmmm that has got to be good for me.... he then asked the medical expert his opinions and he basically read back things that we had already said and what statutes I met as far as SSDI statistics and then that was basically it. The judge had no questions for the vocationalist. In fact after I was outside the vocationalist rode by me and wished me all the luck he said.

    My lawyer without a doubt said I won. So that was 2 weeks ago and I haven't received anything in the mail yet so I again patiently wait. Only thing I wish I had timed it to see how long it took. They didn't take us in at 2:30 more like 2:45 but I forgot to look what time I got out.

    I wish you lots of luck and please let us know how you made out.... try not to be too nervous I know it's very hard I think they expect that. I had waited since June 05 for my hearing!!!!
  3. ChristineNY

    ChristineNY New Member

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I appreciate hearing how your hearing went and I hope and pray that you will hear good news soon! Please keep us posted.

    I do have a lawyer who specializes in disability cases and feels confident that we will win. He has had most of his cases with the judge that was assigned to my case and says that he is a very fair judge. The only thing that he isnt crazy about is that this judge does not discuss whether you have won or not...have to wait to get letter in the mail. If thats his only complaint about him, thats a good thing!

    The way that you have explained your hearing is pretty much what my lawyer has said would happen. We will have the vocational expert, but no medical expert (as far as I know). I have to go in and go over everything with my lawyer next week. He said he will be asking all of the questions at the hearing and I just need to tell the truth and explain my physical and mental situation and how it effects my daily life. I hope that I can pull myself together enough to do that!

    I just dont want to let my family down. My husband has tried so hard to support us these past few years and I know that he feels bad that he hasnt been able to do it all himself. He owns his own construction business and things have just been really slow. He has always told me to stick this out and has been very supportive. But now he is worried as well. We just have the worst luck in the world and he is concerned that this is going to end up dragging out even longer. He knows that I can not work, but he just feels that nothing has gone our way in so long....why would this.

    I am trying to stay positive and I have faith in my lawyer. I worked for 20 years before I had to stop and never had a year without a decent income. I have fibro, migraines, anxiety, depression, GERD, IBS, fatigue, sleep issues, etc. I tried part time work and couldnt even keep up with that anymore. So my lawyer says I have a good case, but I have just heard too many horror stories.

    I just hope that I am able to tell MY truth to the judge after so many years of playing down my sicknesses. I do not like to have anyone pitty me or worry about me so I am always saying I am fine....those close to me know better tho. I hate to complain about how I feel, I know nobody likes to hear it. I wonder if getting this all out at the hearing will somehow be a relief. I know that I will cry...just hope I dont totally lose it!

    Sorry for going on and on....just feels good to admit that I am really nervous, anxious, concerned...etc., while knowing that someone understands just what I am feeling. Keeping my fingers crossed for you...


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