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    seems I just read that alka seltzer gold was rec'd for something relating to cfs type issues, anyone remind me on the scoop. I think its like recuperation or gookaid? I tried some AS recently, one tablet couple times and in one way i thought it improved how I felt but then I also felt dizzy after awhile. any idea wht that was about? I am also not sure about that amount of aspirin in there, if it wasnt for that it mgiht be a good drink to get salts up etc?
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    I use it too - for food allergy reactions.

    There is no aspirin in the Gold formula - just salt/sodium and postasium. It is helps the body become more alkaline - which helps those that are acidic.

    It is popular with those that have MCS - multiple chemical sensitivities...

    Hope this helps,

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    yes thats what i wanted to know, thx! too bad they didnt have gold at the drugstore i was at, i will have to find that. I have bad mcs and food sensitivities, i am psyched to get some.