alkaline diet book, need suggestions

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    I've found a few good sites on the alkaline-diet, thanks to many of your tips. However I would like to buy a good book on this for reference (one with an extensive list of foods to avoid, etc).

    Has anyone run across any book that you feel is good, OR ones to avoid? I'm ready to 'get medieval' on this DD once and for all.

    Thanks in advance..
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  2. spiritsky

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    The books I've used which I find are excellent are from Dr Robert Young. He's a microbiologist by profession and has done a lot of research into the polymorphic behavior of certain pathogens like Candida, Fungus, Parasites etc...

    His books are:

    The PH Miracle
    THe PH Miracle for diabetes
    The PH Miracle for Weight Loss

    They are all good books but the last two have better recipe's in them.
  3. HagerTX

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    Thanks for the info. I'll order it and try it out.
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    I found this on ebay
    go to and in search put in this #4623833735
    and then hit enter it is the book you are looking for.
    hope it helps.
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    bump...just wanted to make sure you get this.
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