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    I'm about 3-4 days into the alkaline diet. I'm cautiously optimistic that this diet may be what it takes to get a handle on all this health junk. I've made some changes and will continue to tweak it as the days and weeks go by. I've essentially cut out soft drinks and a significant amount of refined sugar. Eating more fruits...Here's Saturday's diet:

    Rice Crispies, an apple, water w/juice from 1 lemon,(plus meds and supplements)

    LATE AM:
    apple, unsalted almonds, water

    LUNCH (mid afternoon)
    leftover pork, half a baked potato, an apple, one carrot, 2-3 unsalted almonds, water.

    3 boiled eggs (whites only) w/salt, Tostitos and avocado, water. (meds, supplements)

    **meds to include Plaquenil, Doxepin
    ***supplements-Vit E, Calcium, CoQ10, Selenium

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    I've struggled with keeping alkaline for years, & have found a few other tricks.

    There's a product out there called Alkazone, where you put a couple of drops into something you know is too acidic or into a glass of water. I use that when I'm in an IC Flare.

    Also, I'll boil up onions, garlic & celery & keep this broth in the fridge.........drink a glass when I'm desperate to put something in my stomach & know it's really alkaline.

    There are herbal & tea products at the health food store to help. Right now, I'm still doing a caffeine mix with an herb called Guarana (has some caffeine), along with a tea that's alkaline "Cinammon/Spice" (it says weightless on the front; not sure if that's true. (health food store)

    And I just keep thinking "green, green, green". With Lupus, my body overproduces acid so it's a real challenge.

    But by keeping tabs with my pH paper, I'm doing a "fairly" good job.

    Keep it up!! That acid is yukko.

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    Another thing you can add as a supplment is to take Patassium Citrate (make sure it's a citrate, I get mine from Twinlab), 500 to 1000mg a day. Very few of us get enough postassium and this is a very easy way to increase your alkalinity.

    Also, try to get some green food in your diet at least once a day. Green Salad, steamed brocolli,collard,kale or chard. With few exceptions, the more green, the more alkaline the food is.