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    I've skimmed through my (new) copy of The pH Miracle regarding diet changes. The recommendations it makes seem pretty extreme. Cutting out meat, 98% of fruits, refined sugar.

    Has anyone taken it this far? If I knew this would get me well, I'd start on it in the next 3 minutes but I don't want to make myself miserable unnecesarily.

    I'd like to hear from those who have tried it, and to what degree and your experience/success. I don't really need a very long reply but would like to try to guage the book's recommendations with what other have had success with.

  2. HagerTX

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    thanks for bumping the threads.

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    Fruits have natural sugar. Melons have mold almost immediately. PH Diet basically attempts to eliminate parasites that are in your intestinal tract that love sugars such as fruits and flour regular processed and all types of sugars. I think most of us with MS/FMS/CFS have a sugar intolerance but our diet is loaded with Sugar. We must all have CANDIDA. There is a message board for Candida at this site. I think once the system is cleaned out then the cravings stop and you might be able to reintroduce fruit into your diet. This diet is very hard because it is so limiting. I can't do it because my family won't eat that way. The authors do not allow you to use a microwave either because its waves change the molecule of the food you are heating.

    PS Lemons freshy squeezed are not Alkaline so you can add that to your tea and water and recipes.

    Good Luck,,,,It Ain't easy.

    All things in moderation
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    Fructose and diabetes. This may be why. There is a big link to soft fruits and diabetes stage 2. They say three helpings of fruit not five. Of course we are eating a lot more than that esp. those with juicers, so we have to watch this. 98% sounds really extreme-did they mean fruit sugars? Hard fruits have less sugar.

    The trouble is that when we go on a practically all fruit and veg diet, then for some people the glucose balance goes off. I eat a a lot of raw, but have to steam many things or bake due to IBS.

    I find that the list you posted and the one from Mercola are pretty good. Plus I am also reading a lot about how well our own bodies convert foods automatically to the right balance so long as we eat a healthy balanced diet.

    The trouble is, I believe that the USA diet is often loaded with high fats, sugars and protein of the worse kind,so this is very unhelathy and makes our bodies work so hard. But I do think just making sure you eat in a balanced way is best and let the body do most of the rest.

    Love Anne C

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