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  1. SpiroSpero

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    I found this interesting post on the life extension board. It says that antioxidants exert their beneficial effect through damaging DNA and leading to apoptosis (cell death).
    Would love to hear what Rich and other people with the scientific background say about it.

    "All these "antioxidants" as well as Omega-3 fatty acids exert their
    health "benefits" at least in part by damaging DNA leading to
    apoptosis. Cancer chemotherapies also do this in a stronger way.
    Apoptosis is in this context considered beneficial because it kills
    any hyperproliferative cells which would like to turn into
    malignancies preemptively. It may also help to knock down the dying
    and damaged old cells faster. Cancer arises only when you allow for
    the damaged cells to survive and start evolving what is mediated by
    the cancer promoters. Cancer promoters allow for the damaged DNA to
    be replicated resulting in mutations - this is true genotoxicity.
    Some of the most significant cancer promoters are hormones like
    estrogen and IGF-1 and the end mediators like the AA-derived
    eicosanoids. IMO the best strategy leading to maximal longevity is to
    minimize any damage to the DNA from these "antioxidants" and lipid
    peroxides by avoiding them and you can then preserve your stem cell
    pools till very old age and wakeup them on demand by the "cancer
    promoters" to repair the body without risking getting cancer. Like
    the young children running high on GH/IGF-1/TOR and later estrogen
    when they hit puberty without getting cancer from it because they have
    not accumulated too much damage in their DNA yet (from lifelong
    consumption of vegetable oils ;-)

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    i've been using one complex for my cholesterol for over 10 years that has stopped bowel and digestive problems, my brain fog, male smoker's impotence, and I am counting on to ward off dementia. It has also way improved my cardio system.
  3. SpiroSpero

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    It's also too complicated for me but I guess if antioxidants help and have a purpose it's better to take them now and not when it's too late.
  4. dannybex

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    ...that have shown that 'excessive' levels of antioxidants, particularily SYNTHETIC antioxidants may actually shorten lifespan, but proponents claim that that these studies are flawed, used again, synthetic vitamins, etc..

    I have read however even on naturopathic sites that large amounts of vitamin C exert their 'beneficial' effects because in excess they act as pro-oxidants, not antioxidants.

    It's also my understanding that the immune system works by these same pro-oxidant methods -- via nitric oxide, cell apoptosis. Not sure of that, so yes, Rich hopefully can clarify things.

    I think that's why Martin Pall's antioxidant theory stresses taking smaller doses of 'natural' antioxidants. ???

    Balance is the key with everything.

    just my two pennies,


    p.s. some people doing the Pall protocol have reported doing better after cutting back the amount of antioxidants they were taking. Not cutting them out, but just cutting back...
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