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    Hi I'm new to the boards. I am 36 year old mother of 6. For the last 6 years or so I have been experiancing pain in my right knee and also right arm.I went to my Dr several times and was advised to rest , take pain killers and loose weight. Well I did all those things , but the pain just kept up, sometimes severe and othertimes just annoying.
    I have an aunt(45) who is severely disabilitated with fybromyalgia , she was a very active woman, who now finds it impossible to walk to the kitchen without being in a great deal of pain. I had another aunt who passed away 2 years ago , who was diagnosed as a hyperchondric(spl?), but it would appear that she too was suffering from fybromyalgia.
    About a month and a half ago, I got up in the morning and both my legs were really hurting, by the time I managed to get down the stairs I was in tears from the pain, My whole body hurt , it felt like a bad case of the flu.My husband was so concerned that he stayed home and later took me to the Dr, (I changed my Dr, she's a wonderful caring person........not like previous one ).Since then she's put me through a battery of tests......and guess what.......yes they're all negative.BUT, she wants me to go to an alternative medicine clinic in order to work out pain management treatment.
    She is almost certain that it is fybromyalgia, taking into concideration my familly history, but has said that we'll keep on testing until we run out of ideas as to what to test for.
    What I'm interested to know, is , does anybody else have other familly members with the same complaint? Sorry forgot to mention that my sister is also experiancing some pain etc.....but as yet trying to ignore it :(
    I think this is a great site, full of useful information and support.
    Take care,

    P.S.Sorry for such a long post , guess I got a bit carried away!
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    Hi Jacqui

    My mom has had Fibro since her 30's. (she is 76 now) I got it in my late 20's. I believe my mom's sisters have a milder form of it.

    I grew up hearing what a nut my mom was for "thinking" she was sick. I always knew she was. Thank God my dad knew too.

    Take care !
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    glad you found us
    always thought that my mother had this but she was never tested
    my dads sister just let me know that she has fm dx at are 35 now 65
    i was dx at the same age as her i am now 45
    she said she is getting worese she has got siatcia in her left hip she is getting help for this right now some better
    what i am worried right now is my same hip is bothering me charlie horuse feeling
    sorry about the spelling
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