All In The Same Boat - Ani Pema

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  1. Rafiki

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    Pema Chodron talking about our belief that we are all so much the same and all have basic goodness.

    There are many teachings by Ani Pema on YouTube. I just adore her. When I begin to believe that I am some special kind of awful - an experience many of us share - I listen to Ani Pema and I am reminded, not only of my basic goodness, but of my interconnectedness with everyone.

    Ok, mites from toes to top of head!

  2. Rafiki

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    I would never want you to change your beliefs! Never, never, never!
    And, I have believed what I have believed for all of my life. Buddhism has given me a shape and very helpful practice for what I believed but I have always believed what I believe now.

    I like you just the way you are. I'm sure your love of Jesus is part of what makes you so likable.

    I'm so glad that you like me, too.

    Peace to you,
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    Just watched this utube and can understand why you love Ani Pema so much..she just radiates warmth and fun doesnt she?

    I too have terrible periods of self doubt when i look at myself in disgust and have to remind myself Im just as good as anyone else....and they are just as good as i...difficult to remember when we have managed to hurt/anger each other....Ive learnt to not make hasty judgements based on one episode...rather to withdraw and let time almost always does that..I do struggle with forgiveness issues...specially family, wrongs which have happened over a long period of time with lasting repercussions..but i know that is the only way out, forgiveness..and i am striving

    Thank you for posting this and i am looking forward to looking at all the other videos of her

    God Bless
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    I'm delighted you got to meet Ani Pema! She is marvelous. She has all the qualities one would expect in a Buddhist teacher in the Tibetan tradition and she is American. She lives at Gampo Abbey in Canada now.

    Don't we all have terrible periods of self doubt when we lose touch with compassion and look at ourselves in disgust? I think we do. I do, anyway. Yes, I agree with you, it is so difficult to remember our interconnectedness and to make an effort not to judge when we have hurt or angered each other. I don't think we can do that consistently until we reach enlightenment. Yes? That's what all the practice is for; all the returning and returning and returning again.

    May I tell you a little lesson about forgiveness? You know how much I love my little dog, yes? Well, I had a very difficult relationship with my father and there were some things I simply could not bring myself to forgive him for. One was shooting our dog. He felt it was the right thing to do for practical reasons although ours was a young, healthy dog. I was horrified and could never forgive him.

    One day I was thinking about reincarnation and what is taught about being incarnated into the animal realm (I'm not sure that they are not more evolved but never mind) and it suddenly struck me that it would make perfect sense if my father, who passed many years ago, came back as my dog. I looked at my little dog and felt my unconditional love for him and said: I don't care who you were, I love you! And, I forgave my father.

    I have to forgive my parents over and over in little increments and with a back and forth kind of motion but slowly, now that they are no longer here, I am making progress. What more can we ask of ourselves? We must strive to be as kind to our own imperfect selves as we wish to be to others, don't we. We cannot soften our hearts to forgive others while we are busy judging ourselves.

    It is called practice, and not perfection, after all. Thank you again for everything everyone in your family and your culture have done to protect this practice so that I may know it today!

    And, thank you for being Springwater who is willing to be imperfect with me so that I can feel less judgment towards myself because I know beyond doubt that you are good.

    with metta,