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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mikie, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Some members have been stating that they are not getting responses to their posts, so I thought I would post some tips which I hope will help. Some of our older members may have seen this before, but it never hurts to post it every now and then. Our board has changed and grown a lot lately.

    I, along with many here, cannot read long paragraphs without blank rows for paragraph breaks. If I encounter a long post with no paragraph breaks, I will usually pass it by. Please, do not type in all caps and please use paragraph breaks to ensure we can read the posts.

    Since we do not have our Chit Chat Board, we are going to have a little bit of everything here. That is fine. We can choose to read and respond to whatever we want. It just means the board moves faster than ever and makes it more difficult to keep up.

    Some of our members have been adding info in parentheses which is helpful. I've seen posts with "(joke)" in the title. This is very helpful when we have limited time or are only looking for medical info.

    If someone knows he or she is forgetful, using the e-mail feature when posting and asking a question is extremely helpful. No one has to thank each individual who responded. Just thanking everyone and acknowledging that one appreciates the response is fine.

    If anyone posts and there are not any responses, one often has to bump one's own posts, maybe several times, to ensure that it stays toward the top so that others have a chance to see it. Posts can roll over to Page 2 or even Page 3 in the blink of an eye on a busy day.

    We can't just expect to post and sit back and hope someone answers. I've often had to bump my posts several times before anyone responds. Also, if the question is such that few, if any, have an answer, there may be few responses. As a courtesy, if we read such a post and have no answer, it is nice to at least give it a bump. This takes almost no time.

    If anyone has posted and asked for responses and never acknowledged that the responses were read and appreciated, it could explain why members no longer take the time to respond. None of us wants to feel as though we have wasted our time and energy answering posts which may never even have been read.

    Every now and then, doing a search by title on one's own name will often turn up a response or question which was missed. I do this to try to ensure that I don't miss anyone who addresses me in threads. It isn't foolproof, but it helps a lot.

    Finally, it is only natural that there will be members who, for a variety of reasons, form friendships here. They may live near one another, have an interest in common, be on the same treatment regimen, or suffer from one of the many conditions which seem to accompany our illnesses. These are not cliques. Cliques are exclusive groups who are not open to others.

    Some of our members have been here a long time and have gotten to know one another well. We have others who come here and bring their friends from other websites. Most of our new members are warmly welcomed and I have never seen anyone left high and dry when the title of their posts states that they urgently need help. Of course, if someone comes here daily just to complain about the same things that we all have to endure on a regular basis, it is only natural that support for him or her will dwindle. There is only so much negativity that people can endure.

    Many with our illnesses are sensitive and easily bruised emotionally as well as physically. If anyone is posting and getting no answers, I suggest looking at the titles of these posts to see whether they are specific, bumping one's own posts for at least a couple of days to ensure people get a chance to see them, and answering others' posts. In any case, do not take it personally.

    This is a huge message board and not as intimate as it once was. The good news is that we have a lot of input on what is going on in relation to our illnesses in terms of funding for research, recognition, and the latest theories and treatments. The bad news is that one can get lost in the shuffle. It is not intentional. I hope these hints help anyone who feels lost. Our members are very generous with their time here and they are always willing to help.

    Love, Mikie

  2. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    I can't read the posts without paragraph breaks either. My brain can't process all that information at once. By the time I get to the end of the post, I have forgotten what I read at the beginning of it. Sad but so true. (One wonders how I ever got through school!)

    As a general rule I am skipping over those type of posts more and more, and I feel badly because the person probably has a very relevant question or needs help with some issue.

    I also try to bump people's posts when I see them getting to the bottom of the page, or ones that aren't getting many responses.

    Thanks for reminding us of these things, and for letting the new members know as well. There is so much wisdom and timely information on this board, in addition to humor and fun. I hope anyone who's upset or had their feathers ruffled will give us a second chance and stay around.

  3. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    I also cannot read a post without breaks. Because of the fibro, it is also hard for me to actually understand posts that don't use capitialization and punctuation.

    I just skip over them and prefer to read posts that read like a old fashioned hand written letters.
  4. tanyasue

    tanyasue New Member

    Bumping posts is easy.

    Just open the post (like you do to read it)
    Reply,like you normally would

    type in Bump in the title line and the message line,

    click post this reply.

    it is the same as replying, except you type in bump.

  5. libra55

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  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Every time someone responds to a post, it bumps it back up to the top of the heap.

    When we want to bump a post but really don't have a response, we just type in, Bump, as described above. This will have the same effect as a full response and keep the post on Page 1.

    Love, Mikie
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  8. Mikie

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  9. libra55

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    to the top.
  10. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I, too, have a major problem reading posts that do not have paragraph breaks. Especially if they are very long ones.

    The only thing I may have a problem with is replying and putting the proper title in that you mentioned on your 4th paragraph in your post. That may be hard for me to remember. I'll do my best, though.

    I have a tendency to thank everyone individually and in the future will just thank all at the same time. :)

    Thanks for all you and the other moderator's do to help us.

    Many hugs,
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Since losing our content search ability, I've had to remind myself to try to use more specific titles for future reference. It's hard to remember.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Just in case some of you wonder how your posts were edited, well I am the guilty party :)

    I am usually on nights, so if there isn't anything I can reply too , the board is not too active, and I have the time, I will separated paragraphs in long posts so that others can/will be able to reply to them.

    Can't help with all uppercase, that is too time consuming even for me....................

    If necessary, please print out Mikie's post, it will come in handy in the future for new members...................

    Shalom, Shirl

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  13. Rosess228

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    I responded to a post yesterday. I was upset and came on to seek support. No paragraph breaks and I'm sure too wordy and confusing. However, it helped me and some of you read it.
    I am not new, but I usually just read the posts that interest me. Usually to help me confirm what I'm feeling and to feel better and/or justified in what I may be feeling.
    Thanks for all of the information.
  14. CFIDSNicole

    CFIDSNicole New Member

    I agree with everything you said, but I would also appreciate people not responding in all caps as they really hurt my eyes and give me a headache. When I see a post in all caps, I can't read it.

  15. fahan

    fahan New Member

    for the post. Lots of good information here. Good people here also, helping one another as best as can to

    function in our daily lives. I have learned much! I tend to miss alot of posts that I want to read. I also am too

    tired to reply to many that I do read, I thank you for the help and I now know what "bump" is, also the salt baths.

    Thanks more than words can say for this board, moving along very fast maybe it'll put me back "on my toes".

    Thanks again to all and much to the

  16. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I skip over so many posts because they are typed all in caps or there are no breaks. That is a good reminder.

    Also the fact that we have to be more specific in the titles of our posts. That is something new that we will all have to learn since we lost the Content feature.

    Good reminding!
  17. JenniferAnn539

    JenniferAnn539 New Member

    For taking all the time and effort to be so clear and concise to help us use the message boards more effectively.

    It is so useful to have breaks in paragraphs, enabling some of us with brain fog to read the posts a little more easily.

    Can members also make an effort to use punctuation? I am not talking about perfect punctuation, I am refering to some posts that contain (...) instead of periods and commas.
    I am missing out on these posts because I have to skip them, as it is too difficult to read the content and at the same time try to figure out if the thought is ending or continuing because it runs together.

    Thank you also for the instruction and suggestions for more specific titles. That will require some effort, but I am sure we can all give it a go. :)

    Warm Regards,
  18. moxiepup

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  19. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Shalom, Shirl
  20. Mikie

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