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  1. ameilie73

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    Can anyone tell me where all my posts have gone, i am new here and put some questions up regarding supplements, exercise, RA, chocolate allergy, even my replies to people have all disappeared, ive checked my email there are no messages, whats happened? I spent a whole day on here yesterday, i feel like ive wasted my time, im glad i took some notes.

    Also there is a spainish post on the health board, someone asking about fibromyalgia, if someone speaks spanish that would be helpful. I can work a few things out but my understanding of it is limited without the use of a dictionary.


  2. ljimbo42

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    I just went to your profile page, clicked on posts then fibromyalgia board and found 2 posts from yesterday and 4 replies that you made. Plus 2 replies that you made today. Does that sound right?
  3. freida

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    If you click on your name,
    it takes you to your own page,

    and it says about 23 posts of yours,
    you can click on any of them, and goes to the entire string.

    I do see some of them on the board, like someone else said.

    So maybe someone is trying to fix it for you.

    Sometimes this board does have oddities,
    like moving or removing posts,
    even when they are NOT deleted,
    and sometimes it makes it so some posts are not visible.

    It's been a confusion with other peoples posts too,
    and NOT usually anything wrong with those posts.

    Hope this helps, and that a moderator will see your post here, and see if they can answer.


    PS> You didn't waste your time. I know it feels like that, but many did see the posts. But I do understand what you said, and I hope it will be fixed or explained to you, by someone who knows mroe than I do.