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    I was wanting to inquire to see if anyone has been given all natural shots for fibro as treatment. I was referred to a woman who lives in my town who goes to Dallas ( 8 hour drive from here) to get shots that are all natural based. The dr. did bloodwork and can tell FROM THE BLOODWORK was vitamins she is deficient in and what her muscles lack. These shots are not FDA approved; I do know that. BUT, she went from taking 10 pills a day and being in horrific disabling pain, to taking just a muscle relaxer and a sleep pill, and OTC pain medicine except for on bad flare up days. She says her insurance did not cover these shots as she had to leave her network for this treatment. She was doing 2 shots a week ( she gives herself the shots) , and now she does the shots once per week at $10 per shot. Is there ANYONE else who knows a little bit more about these shots? I am concerned that they are not FDA approved; what does this mean as far as safety goes? This lady has had such remarkable results from the shots in under a year. But of course I am skeptical. . . can anyone give me any more info on these shots? Have u heard of this treatment? I live in a very small town in Arkansas, and so the dr's around here are limited on knowledge on fibro and my pain management specialist is from Little Rock and comes to a nearby town to a clinic. LOL Carla
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    I do not know if this helps but in Australia we have access to vit. shots for cfs and fibro. There must be the same access in the US. There are several different types. Some are vit C only, some Vit b's and C, some have extra goodies in them like magnesium. Can only be administered by a doc. but no govt. rebate. (I was on a magnesium drip in hospital once - I thought I had died and gone to heaven. No pain at all for about a week after - but soooo expensive.)

    They are administered in two different ways. One is an injection, which takes about 20-30 minutes. The second is by a drip, which takes several hours.

    Another treatment involves vit B12 in small amounts injected either daily or twice a week for several weeks.

    My dr. has suggested that I try some of the vit C complex, and he has my bloodwork history. He suggested that, in my case, I would need about 3 to 5 in a series.

    The general feedback from those I know with cfs is that they really help. The vit C ones are supposed to really help kill off bugs.

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