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  1. OSZ

    OSZ New Member

    okay I jsut signed up for this today, cause I don't really no what else to do. As of this monday my doctors have finally came out to say "We have no idea whats wrong with you." I suffer from some form of chronic pain that affects my entire body, I also have some other things wrong with me. I've had this since I was a young teenager around seventh grade, it slowly became worse and now it can be pretty bad, it effects both my bones and my muscle or it feels that way. I have had a lot of blood tests all come back saying that I am okay. The only thing that says diffrent is me, I am very lucky to have a doctor that at least pretends to beleive me. I also tried to get in to see a Rhuematologist, but they sent me a letter telling me there was no point my regular doctor has ran all the tests that they would have. They currently have me on Etodolac but all it has done is keep the pain at on level, and removed my constant headaches. So what should I do now? is there anything I can bring up with my doctor, any test, I am really looking for any tidbit of help.

    Thank you - OSZ

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  2. hatbox121

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    Get a second opinion. Has anyone done the trigger point test?
  3. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    if it's fibro, it's a TENDER point test....if it's myofacial pain syndrome (otherwise known as chronic myofacial pain) it is TRIGGER points - they are different, but people can have both, too
  4. OSZ

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    I have talked to three doctors so far. but no they didn't try the tender point test, I will bring that up at my next appointment which is in june. I don't plan to give up or anything, I'm going to keep on trying till they either tell me whats wrong or make soemthing up.
  5. hatbox121

    hatbox121 New Member

    The tender point test. I called it the trigger point. I apologize. My brain is on vacation this week.
  6. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    I would call back your doctor since you seem on good terms with he/she can do a tender point test. It sounds like you really need an evaluation by a rheumy. You may benefit from Physical Therapy, warm water therapy which I did with a PT at first. My health insurance will only let you access these services from a rheumy!!

    I am somewhat surprised that the rheumatologist said you have had all the tests you need. That is one of the first things rheumatologist do as FM is a diagnosis by exclusion. Did a doctor in that office look at your chart?

    Have you talked to your doctor about Fibromyalgia? If he does not know about it, you could give him some information.

    Have you seen a neurologist for the headaches? Some are trained to do the tender point test.
    Pain clinic?

    Sounds like you really need a second opinion.

    Good luck and welcome to the board. Will be looking for your updates.

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  7. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    So your Dr. said you have some form of chronic pain. did they mention fibro? It does make a difference - not because there is a pill that can fix you, but because there are many other things that come along with fibro that may need addressing, if not now, in the future i.e. sleep issues, digestive issues etc. depression over pain....
    yes fibro can feel like it's in your bones. I swore I had bone cancer that's how bad the bones in my legs hurt. Thankfully not.

    What tests did your Dr. run on you? that's important to know. It's true there are many rheumatologist that don't 'treat' Fibro, (my diagnosing won't doesn't) but they are used for diagnosis quite often. They also tend to run 'deeper' tests if your Dr. hasn't already.

    Once you are officially diagnosed, your regular Dr. may be able to treat you or you may find a rheumatologist who is very knowledgable about fibro and who does treat. My Md treats me normally, then I see a rheumy about twice a year just for follow up and to see what new things if any he recommends - my doc then follows those recommendations.

    You need a complete history, the tender point test (although not always telling -depends on the day), and then to know what blood work exactly your dr. had run on you. Can you list them here?

    I don't know what Etodolac is?

    Keep posting! There is a very supportive, knowledgable, caring group here!! If nothing else, you will realize you are not alone!

  8. OSZ

    OSZ New Member

    I am not sure of the entire list of the blood work because its been going on for so many years. They have tested stuff like rheumatoid factor. but now that ?I have more ideas of what to bring up with him when I see him, you can count on it happeneing.
  9. OSZ

    OSZ New Member

    Okay well this Tuesday I was I visited my doctor. And At the End of it he decided to ignore everything I said, and take me off my meds, and see if the exersize I've started changes anything. This little experiemtn thing is for six months. I'm gonna head to an herbal store thing in town, and talk to them about anything they got that might help. And I need to save up and go to a specalist, since my insurence denied it.

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