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    and I am not liking it. Not a typical mood for me. Trying to figure it out if it is the stupid prozac, the stupid D.D.
    or what. My anxiety is going through the roof and not sur about taking a xanax with the prozac and flexeril? I usually able to get out of these funks by distraction. Maybe that is the problem too as I usually come here for something better to get my mind on, and today I am just feeling overwhelmed by some of this stuff, misunderstandings and such. I am still wondering about some of those that are not posting (Rose, Karen) it is just hard to not know how they are doing you know,Me thinks I am just thinking toooo much, yes? This weird feeling of loneliness is so intense! Definitely think the prozac is a no for me, any body else have this problem w/ the prozac?
    I will quit to all, Rebel
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    How long have you been taking the Prozac? You know better than anyone else if it is helping you or not. It's probably time to try something new. I can definatly relate to over-worrying and having major anxiety. I have finally found an antidepresant that works for me, Paxil. It is like night and day. I would definatly give your doc a call and try to have them get you on something different. And please keep in mind, you are not alone! We are here with you. Try and do some deep breathing and watch a funny movie or read something that will take your mind off the rest of the world even for a little while. That helps me alot. Do you have any pets? My dogs really cheer me up when I am in the slumps. Just a couple of suggestions. Keep your chin up! You will get through this, I know you can!!

    Lots of love and BIG BIG hugs,
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    Just kind of out of sorts with myself,It's been a very bad day.Much more pain than usual ,extreme fatigue, brain fog,spelling words backward ,that kind of stuff and very sad. earlier I was crying like a baby trying to write to another fibro friend.I slept until 11:30 this morning then it took me until 2 P.m. just to get into the day,just been an all around crappy day. Here's a Big HUG for you and I hope your feeling better tomorrow. Danisue
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    Yes, I understand what you're feeling. For awhile there it seemed like most of the posts were physical. Now it seems like more and more of them are of another nature. And I understand the misunderstand thing, too. Everybody on the chitchat just up and went away - made their own board or something. I don't really understand. I think maybe everybody's going through changes and they're not sure where they're at. (if that makes any sense) The thinking can drive you crazy. I try not to do it! If you're really nervous, take somthing if you have it. Some days I just wake up with that nervous feeling. But, one thing definitely, you are NOT alone even though you may feel like it. It seems a lot of us are feeling the same thing, not realizing that we're not alone. Jo Ellen
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    for taking time to answer, it was just one of those rough days I think. Today is a new day, and though physically I feel like a whole fleet of trucks ran over me, but emotionally I am good again. I never feel alone, just occasionally lonely, it is a hard thing to explain. Usually I can bring myself out of the funk doing just what you suggested, and yes I have Shelties (They are great) and when I get to that point they become attached to me like an appendage. I am going to get with my doc and bring up needing to switch some of my meds because I can tell that they are messing with me. Oh to just go back to the days of no meds....LOL!! Anyway, thanks again to you all for the support!! Love to all, Rebel.