All over muscle spasms

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lease79, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    I've been walking my horse lately. Might sounds strenuous, but my hubby or sister have to help me saddle her up, the only strenuous thing I do is getting on & off of her & she's only 14.2hh (Actually I can get on fine, Im have the most trouble getting off.)
    I walk her 4-5 laps of a small yard. Not trotting, JUST walking.
    That said I have done this no more than once a week, but it nearly kills me. This last time was the first.
    For about 12-18 hours afterwards I feel okay (for me,) & then BAM! My whole body goes mad. It starts with a BAD tension headache, pain in my neck, shoulders, arms & wrists. Hot sore, burning & twitching, then the back of my neck/head & then eventually my whole body starts to spasm. These are painful, make you feel like being sick or passing out type spasms. My hubby was asking me if it was 'nerves like my skin crawling' & I was trying to explain to him that it was deeper than that, actually spasms in the muscles ALL over my body :( Even my tummy.
    I climbed into bed this afternoon when it got to the point that I thought I might pass out, but the spasms were so bad that I had to get back out again. I drank so much water that I thought I was going to bust. Ended up taking a muscle relaxant & MADE myself lie down & ride it out until the spasms subsided somewhat.
    On top of the daily pain this is the pits. I am totally exercise intollerant now & very bummed out about it.
    Does anyone else get the same muscle response from something non strenuous?
    What do you do to help it? Any natural remedies for helping with muscle spasm & pain?


  2. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    now my heart is being effected from the spasms my muscles are really bad and so is my stomach so my only relief is the heating pad. charlene
  3. cct

    cct Member

    Whenever my spasms start up, I immediately take in some magnesium. It helps.

    I take a liquid magnesium from Water Oz. I use the liquid because it is more quickly and easily absorbed . . it is more fast acting.

    Dr. Cheney says that magnesium is one of the minerals that CFS/FM people really need.

    Since magnesium and calcium are absorbed by the same receptors, I never take mag. and cal. together. Also, I need far more mag. than cal., so keeping them seperate is more effective for me.

    There is another helpful product by Planetary Formulas that was developed for people with M.S. It was a tremendous help when I first started taking it. It is called "Myelin Sheath Support". I was having very bad spasms and tremors. The Myelin Sheath Support helped me immediately. It continued to help for more than a year, then the manufacturer changed the formula just a little bit and I could not tollerate the new and improved version.

    You may want to try the right kind of magnesium first and then, if the mag. is not quite handling the problem, you may want to give the Myelin Sheath Support product a try.
  4. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    Thankyou all for your replies, I am feeling stiff & sore today but a little better.
    I am not scripted a muscle relaxant to use every day, but a low dose of diazepam to take when things get really bad.
    I only take it when I get like I did last night, so a 50pk of 5mg lasts me about 6 months, sometimes longer.
    I take a multi-V every day & pro-biotics. I don't take mag because my levels came back normal.
  5. TexasFaith

    TexasFaith New Member

    Yes they drive me crazy too! A doctor was giving me magnesium injections, began twice weekly and after about a month I went to once weekly. It significantly improved my "heart flips", moderately improved my leg/body spasms. After 3 months of the oral magnesium my leg/body spasms were significantly improved. I recently had an endoscopy and colonscopy had to stop a lot of my meds. Then 4 days after the biopsies I slowly began my meds again. The magnesium still hurts my stomach.
    My all over spasms are beginning again!!!!!!! I hope to be able to tolerate the magnesium again soon. Or I am going back to the injections. They sting like H... for about 3 hours, but well worth it.
  6. patarogers123

    patarogers123 New Member

    Hi Lisa, Pat here. I take liquid magnesium also. I have migraines, and it also helps with the migraines. I also take Zanaflex (Tizanadine-generic name) which is a muscle relaxer and it helps, but it puts me to sleep. I take it during the day when my neck and head muscles get so tight, I get nauseated. I can't go anywhere like that, so I take the pill and just sleep it off. It does help. I also take Zanax. And I take Methadone for pain. I've had 5 head traumas and feel a lot of my pain in my upper back, neck and head, and with the migraines, well I have a headache every day. Hope this helps. Pat in Lafayette, LA Another thing that is good is to soak in epsom salt in a hot bath. It removes some of the toxins from your muscles.
  7. cct

    cct Member

    My doctor-tested magnesium levels came back "normal" too.

    I even had my intra-cellular magnesium tested. That came back "normal" as well.

    I think that the catch to all of this testing is, as Doctor Teitelbaum asks, what is normal? We are a group of unhealthy people with alot of problems. What is normal for a healthy 24 year old, 200 pound, college man (they are the typical profile for test subjects) may not be normal for a 30 year old, 130 pound, female who has CFS/FM.

    I take all of the standard medical tests and well-intended doctor's advice with a grain of salt. I base my conclusions on results. Magnesium helps me with the spasms.

    I have tried every kind of magnesium that is available off the shelf. They only upset my stomach.

    The liquid magnesium from Water Oz is the only thing that works for me.

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